Road to 1 Bitcoin | Earning Bitcoin one Satoshi at a time | Daily Update (Wednesday, July 4, 2018) 💰

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Welcome to my daily update on my journey to gaining my 1st Bitcoin. I am using a combination of strategies to reach this goal, which include claiming faucet rewards, daily compounding interest payouts and cloud mining ... and all of it for FREE!
So tune in, and enjoy this daily update!



I am claiming the free CoinPot faucets rewards every hour or so, slowly increasing my Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash holdings and also getting 3 CoinPot Tokens for every claim I make.

If you would like to understand how to claim all the free CoinPot faucets, please check my step-by-step tutorial: HERE


I am receiving daily compounding interest on my wallet balance at a rate of 0.0109589% per day or 4.08% per year. Also I am claiming the faucet for more bitcoin every hour .

If you would like to join, you can use the link: HERE


I am slowly increasing my cloud mining hashing power, passively mining and compounding without me doing anything more than claiming the daily faucet reward for an extra boost every day .

If you would like to join EOBOT Cloud Mining, you can use the link: HERE




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