Top 5 Most Expensive Cryptocurrency

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#1. BTC (Bitcoin)– Currently trading at more than $10,6oo.00 (04:30 AM GMT, 19th February 2018). It is the first peer-to-peer payment medium built upon the blockchain technology.

#2. BCH (Bitcoin Cash)-Bitcoin Cash was invented to solve the problem with small block size. Bitcoin’s block size was primarily set at 1 megabyte (MB). This small size decreases the transaction processing time of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin Classic which survived compared with its other not so successful peers Bitcoin XT, Unlimited Bitcoin. It is priced at roughly $1,500.00 (04:30AM GMT, 19th February 2018).

#3. ETH (Ethereum)– Priced at roughly $935.00 (04:30 AM GMT, 19th February 2018). Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also a decentralized blockchain network.

#4. XRP (Ripple)–It is also known as the Banker’s currency. As of 04:30 AM GMT, 19th February 2018, the price of XRP token is $1.14.00.

#5. LTC (LiteCoin)- It was all set to become the next big thing. As of 04:30 AM GMT, 19th February 2018, the price of LTC token is $218.00.

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