Say goodbye to cholesterol, blood sugar, fats and triglycerides The secret lies in the red

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Say goodbye to cholesterol, blood sugar, fats and triglycerides The secret lies in the red pumpkin Take 100 g then peel it in the blender mixer and put a little water and take it on the stomach before 20 minutes of breakfast for a month and do a blood analysis before the start of the program and after the completion of the program will surprise the result can not be compared - Note Do not add sugar to mix A diet program that lasts for one month, taken on the stomach before breakfast for 20 minutes or trying to bite (100) gms like carrots with water A chemical engineer studied the component of the red tree found that its components are burning fat and clean the arteries of the substance of cholesterol and stimulate the brain and memory where it comes out with urine Pumpkin or pumpkin: --- Laxative of the stomach prevents impaction ---- Activates liver, prevents glands --- Eliminates headaches and migraines especially the psychological type, eating and positioning it --- A sedative for nerves and psychological diseases --- diuretic - dissolves gravel and sand, removes kidney infections - activates the kidneys and strengthens its functions --- Breaks thirst and removes heat and fever --- Benefits of diseases of the chest and cough --- Activates gums and fights toothache ---- Used by the owners of jams to jam jam, because it has no color and taste can be added with any fruit gives the same taste and smell --- Laxative of nature and in large quantities helps to vomit and evaporate due to Melonemetin substance --- Seed repellent for worm and especially the only worm --- Treating diseases of the urinary system and problems of the prostate gland .... God heal everyoneFB_IMG_1511025024317.jpg


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