Riding The Crypto Craze Made Me Realize That The Old Fiat Folks Aren't That Different After All

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

Seed investors in the early FIAT boom that would change the world forever. Newer investors call them scammers while they shill their own system

Remember when Bitcoin was welcomed as the revolution against the evil old money? Those old scoundrels with their federal reserve controlled money, their petty wars, the thieving through banking and issuing of bonds. Everything was a scam, and for what - because we weren't taking part in it.

Much the same today, every shitcoin you are not in it and it is pumping, must be a scam. The generals and heroes of blockchain turns out that they have the same tendencies as the old money. Once they got a hold of some BTC they suddenly became economic overloads, finance wizards and expert advisers.

Meanwhile the ones waiting to be liberated, the common idiots, got fucked, yet again by the same DNA of people that would stand and defend free markets, liberty, freedom and all that crap because, well, they are rich.

Nothing changes with economies or people. The same games are played over and over, but the rules changes slightly. Instead of federal reserve making a sovereign country with plutocracy over the initial hodlers, we have projects that create their own states with their own plutocratic overlords. You found yourself in the collectible and rear BTC before 2011. Well, you are in for a treat. All your expertise and rule of dominion because you drew the lucky lottery numbers.

But the BTC overlords with never admit that. Since hindsight is always 20/20 they will see themselves as visionaries and excuse any ill moves as "necessary evils for the revolution" . Now where did we see all this bullshit before?

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@kyriacos’ every blog for the past 12 months: Crypto sucks.

Yet you still post to earn crypto. And I suppose why not - as long as the sycophants keep upvoting.


Fiat sucks as well. Doesn't mean I can't earn so I can live by it.
People suck as well. Doesn't mean I won't visit the grocery store to do my business with the manager.

I don't think you have thought this through boy.
And btw, I don't consider the cheap change I get from Steemit as "earning".


I was just messing with you.

Nothing ever changes. Every revolutionary concept eventually becomes the entity of that which it revolted against. This is true with governments it's also true with currency. Nothing changes the new system is the same as the old system. Thanks for sharing a good article my friend

Thank the Gods that someone gets it:D I know, I know, we're just frisky dirt...

"'There must be some kinda way out of here' said the Joker to the Thief"

So many people keep remarking the same thing. I was reading one of the recurring Vitalik's attacks on DPOS and he was claiming much the same thing: our crypto arrangements are gradually replicating what happened in the previous world cycles. Much of what I was trying to explain in an old post Steemit and the Fractal Society

Our DNA hasn't suddenly changed. It evolves, but at a much, much slower pace than the social constructs we create, then destroy, then recreate. Every new one is bound to resemble quite closely the previous ones.

The crypto barons of the new era will replace the robber barons of the XIX-th century ... and the hedge fund titans and investment bankers of the XX-th century ...