$ 500 000 Bitcoin within 3 Years!?.. It is Possible! .. (( I Have a Great Offer for 'You'! ))

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

Beloved John Mcafee says so ..

Courtesy of & Reported by Cryptocoinsnews

He went a step further ..

Bitcoin certainly will be worth between $ 10 000 - $ 20 000 in that time frame!

Love him or shun him, the man might be a little kookie, but he's no dummy! He says he has been involved in some modeling projects which predicts Bitcoin at far .. far .. higher levels and believes that $ 500 000 is a "conservative" estimate. The man is not alone of course .. but more importantly of late, we see some very well respected "traditional investors" making significant bets on Bitcoin ... and even more significant amounts of money will follow them.

For Example: "Downtown" Josh Brown ..

And .. Bill Miller, who has invested 1% of his net worth back in 2014

His amazing gains are now too big to keep secret! :-) .. can you say .. 1200% !!??

Congrats to the Bitcoin Community for Saving the Brand

It looks like Segwit2x is in, and everyone is on-board, thus avoiding the greatest threat to the entire crypto-universe, the splitting of the mothership into two easily ignored offerings. Bitcoin is about the brand, and maintaining a single version is good for all of us!

So Dude, What is this Offer You Mentioned!?

We should all be very Bitcoin Bullish! The above was just to add some fun good news to what we already should be very confident about, and ... well, let's face, we MUST BE POSITIVE ABOUT! My suggestion to all, is to invest in accumulating Bitcoin, on a daily basis. Yes, you can buy on exchanges and hold, but a more profitable (over time) method of accumulating, is through cloud mining.

In regards to Cloud Mining, the only trustworthy and committed operation is Genesis Mining - and I have been at this game a long time, from mining at home with many generations of hardware, and I have survived a few scams, and dodged many more.

Since Feb 2016, I have earned $5960 with Genesis Mining .. the bulk of which was earned while the Bitcoin prices was significantly lower, and of course the cost of my current hashpower was lower as well. I am profitable, even based on today's prices .. and this is a lifetime contract. The gain is accelerated of course by the increasing price of Bitcoin itself.

The Offer!

  • Commit to Invest $ 300 or more in a LifeTime Bitcoin Contract with Genesis Mining (or any other)
  • Use my Affiliate Code to gain a 3% Discount on Your Order
  • Post Below the Time & Date of your purchase, and the amount of hashing power you purchased
  • In Return I Will Commit to Upvote Your STEEM posts up to the amount of $ you have invested!




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From the looks of things, bitcoin can even be worth more by the close of 3 years. Thats why i am hodling and investing in steem. When bitcoin goes high, it affects steem. And i can grow steem easily than i can grow bitcoin

I cant wait for BTC to hit these (in)sane numbers!

Great post, I think it will get to at least 10k, (not totally sure about the 500k) however ofc i will continue to invest in btc

Everyting is posible in the crypto world :)



You can see he is serious about it haha,

@KurtBeil AND @RoySchuh... Thanks for writing this article Kurt AND...

Thank You Roy for giving the FULL, (un)adulterated quote...

Agree with both of You... McAffee may be a little nuts ((aren't we all ?)) but he is very smart/forward thinking AND He's quite serious... >> : ~ ))

Thanks Again Kurt... Have a Good Weekend and.... Cheers !!

there is no stopping bitcoin. Once again thank you @kurtbeil for this blog. See you around

is there any % chance of it ??

Indeed there is, but more likely it will be 'around' $10 000 in 3 years, unless there is some sort of mass-adoption explosion, triggered by Selena Gomez or Jay-Z ;-)

hahah selena or jay -z that would definitely take in to moon and past through it sun.

Hello friend, great post, I congratulate you :-) @kurtbeil

Very nice job friend. I think bitcoin will go up and up.

I think that too! My plan is to keep one bitcoin in a secured wallet and sell it after 5 years

That sounds like an excelent plan

well so much confidence there must be something hidden.

I agree that bitcoin has the possibility to get that high if it is incorporated into our daily lives and is made legal by governments but in 3 years I don't think it will reach $500,000.
So... that means John McAfee better be doing some yoga and stretches as 2020 might be the year to remember @kurtbeil haha
I'll have a look into Genesis mining. I heard you were getting less rewards from it now but I also heard that people have earned some great profits from it.

Genesis is profitable only if you "farm" for new users to join with your code.

that is a awesome deal @kurtbeil. Yes i am eager to have your promo code in Genesis Mining. please let me know that i am going to buy Dash or Monero, as Btc facing very large mining difficulties in now a days, let me know if you have agree with this, please send your contact details to me, thanks a lot

for sure, and I will upvote your posts as long as it takes for you to re-coup your investment!

could you please send me your contact details please. mine is [email protected] thanks

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haahah eat that what !!

I think it can happen, especially if you consider the supply diminishes over time from people losing their key, someone with a lot of BTC dies, or the device that someone uses to store theirs is lost/destroyed, etc. So while max supply is 21m the total supply is in constant decline the way I see it. Sadly, I was looking into bitcoin mining around 2010 and for whatever reason I thought they had some fixed priced offered by a bitcoin company, looking at the algorithm I determined the rate I was mining at would get me a few pennies a day and the exponential difficulty would mean by the time I had $1 I would be down to making a penny every week or so.. turns out I would have been making many thousands per day mining :c

$ 500 000 what else need if it hit that ;)

and so does ETH at 250,000 and LTC at 300,000 etc etc anybody's word is as good as knowing what is going to happen in the future...

Have to disagree .. Bitcoin for sure, being the crypto-universe's "Gold" .. ETH will be trounced by EOS, which is a better, cheaper, faster, more versatile solution, and LTC continues to enjoy the success it does due to being the first "alt-coin", with many people having been invested alongside BTC .. it is not something that will be widely used, so the gains it will enjoy are limited - it is a miner/trader coin, with very limited functionality, other than transfer and store value, which BTC, now that SegWit is a go, will do as well and better.

I was reading your last post when suddenly it was gone. How did you do it? I thought deleting a post is not possible :)

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