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So, since Bitcoin has started to correct a little bit of its highs, Wall Street and the pushed media try to create some real FUD (which I think will reach its climax at correction lows) that Bitcoin is in a Bubble and will burst.

Is it a Bubble? Yes it is!
Is the Dow Jones a Bubble? Hell yea it is!
Are financial loans in a Bubble? You bet your goods that it is.

Does that mean that in the long run Bitcoin will not be traded much higher? NOPE!

Dont let Wall Street scare you away from Bitcoin being a Bubble. The Dow Jones is in a Bubble since ages and makes new highs after every crisis. Just expect corrections after steep advances that can last longer than you think and wipe out weak hands unscrupulously.

But Bitcoins acceleration velocity is unmatched which indicates even more of a Tulip-mania, right?

Bitcoin is traded 24/7 without holidays which means that cycles in the stock market that last around one year happen in Bitcoin in around 2 weeks. Bearmarkets can last only 2 weeks in Bitcoin while correcting more than 50 %!
So, every steep advance has its minor and major corrections, which deflate the Mania and Exuberances pretty quickly.

I strongly believe that Wall Street is trying to do everything now to create some FUD to buy all in Bitcoin at cheap prices to inflate the Bubble of Bitcoin to never seen or imagined Levels caused by their DOMO (DOMO = Depression of Missing Out).

Take a very good look at some Altcoins traded in BTC terms! Recognized the crazy volume spikes some weeks ago? Hell yea, the big boys loaded Altcoins in Btc Terms to inflate them for a few weeks/months!
Just a freakin beautiful way to generate some precious Bitcoins, bro!
(Take a look at NXT, VOX, XEL, STEEM, TIX and XEM and you see easily where they loaded up, some 10xt already).

Strong Hands!

Dont let Wall Street get your precious Bitcoins and take a look at the Chart of the Dow Jones since 1900!



This is good. They trying to scare us away because they cant control it. We are evolving! Nice post!

This is really good analysis
Helping to clear away FUD.

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