Bitcoin ATM Took My Money!? 😤

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So Thursday, I went to check out a Bitcoin ATM machine near me. It was an hour drive, but with the traffic it was more than that of course.😒
I got there and whipped out my cash to test that gorgeous machine. Except I only bought $60 worth of bitcoins to test. The transaction went smooth, and it didn't even ask me for my phone number this time.
But here's the plot twist, after reaching home I assumed I already got my Bitcoins(satoshis) in my brand new Mycelium hot wallet, but there wasn't even an unconfirmed transaction...😱

Worried, I waited until the morning to see if it appeared as it may have backlogged and taken more time than usual. But NOTHING!
So I decided to get to the root of this problem and contacted the ATM provider. I left a voicemail and an email to their support. I even sent an email to the wallet provider just to make sure that I am not leaving any stones unturned. They can't just play with my money like that. You know what I'm sayinnnn. 👿


After a few hours, I got an email back from the support! (sign of relief)


Sent them my receipt file.


Yeah, I know the receipt got f'd up because I thought I woudn't need it. 😑

And now, I am just waiting on them to deliver on their promise. I hope they do it quickly and not take DAYS...

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ps- I only use hot wallets for frequent transactions. To STORE my Bitcoins, I use Trezor. Check out my review on Trezor with the link below! 👇


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Wanted to test out my local BTC ATM as well. It worked smoothly BUT only after the transaction did I learn they take a 17% fee! Contacted the company twice to confirm that's their rates and they should be transparent about it. No reply back. NEVER AGAIN!

Luckily, mine was only 10%. It could had been worse... But yeah the fees are ridiculous on these machines!

Interesting story. Good luck!

I do agree that's a nice looking ATM.

I didn't take the pic of the atm but it was the same Coin Outlet ATM!

I hope it gets resolved for you!

Thanks, I hope so too!

Hope it gets sorted. Dont use ATMS fees are crazy

I know right! I was just testing it out. But never AGAIN!

It wasn't a big amount but could've been worse! 😌

The GIF 😂 But seriously wth!!!

Hahaha love them gifs tho 😂

Bitcoin atm just loses one future investor..... :)

Bro the fees are insane! Not a good investment.

that's too bad man, I thought there could not be a problem like this.

Yeah, it was the stupid machine 😑

Glad you got an email back from support. That was good you saved the physical receipt. :)