Bison to launch end of January

in bitcoin •  21 days ago

"Bison" is the App of Boerse Stuttgart, that will allow crypto trading on the German Stock exchange.

The app will allow crypto purchasing for the (German) masses.

I just found this story on a very popular german tech magazine.

I think this is super bullish, even though also a little funny. There are many others that made crypto accessible to the masses.

But truthfully buying bitcoin in Germany is a pain and difficult and so I think this is a great addition. Not sure it will really make that huge of a difference but an app to buy crypto by an official german stock market sounds like great news.

Specifically it shows how crypto is more and more accepted to be a new asset class that investors need access to. This sort of infrastructure is precisely what needs to be in place for the next bull run.

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This is something that can only help the markets. With how small the crypto market is at this point it doesn't take a huge amount of new capital to send things higher. Make it more accessible to the masses in Countries with money and that can only be positive IMO. The German population as a whole has capital to invest and a good market to tap into to see gains.

Definitely a great direction for the asset class and not surprising as they probably see the potential of the coming “tokenized world!”

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