Uranus in Taurus: Money as Electricity

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In May of 2018, Uranus enters Taurus until 2026, except for a short return to Aries in late 2018 and early 2019. During this coming 7-8 year period, we are going to see the nature of money change completely.

Right now we are seeing the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into the collective imagination, and there is much controversy and debate both for and against this new development. In fact, the whole issue, like many, is heavily polarised.

I am working on a much more in depth article on Uranus in Taurus and what it means, but for now i just want to point out the connection between money (Taurus) and electricity (Uranus), as it is vital to understand the paradigm shift that is upon us right now. Money is often referred to as currency. Electricity is also referred to as current. Notice how electricity is only useful when it is moving. And in our bio-electric field, the life current, only comes alive when we stay current, or present. Uranus in Taurus is going to open us into a deeper understanding of money, and true (Uranus) value (Taurus), and its connection to the bioelectric field of the earth and our body-minds.

more about that here:


One big complaint i see coming up in social media about Bitcoin is that it requires a huge amount of electricity to perform the mining operation to create a Bitcoin, and the way it is programmed, this process becomes more and more difficult with each new Bitcoin that is mined. Where it used to be, at the beginning, that someone could mine Bitcoins just on a home computer, now it requires huge mining farms, buildings full of computers working 24/7 to create the coins. The way I understand it, the algorithm is designed to make it more and more challenging to mine each new coin, of which there is only a limited number. Apparently, the last Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140, and the total number of Bitcoins at that time will be 22 million.

But I encourage you to consider the alternatives. And also, you might not want to make the mistake of forming opinions before having thoroughly investigated the whole sphere of blockchain technology, and how it works, including the coming improvements and upgrades to this technology, which are also in the works. If you do, you may find yourself watching the train pull away from the station, leaving you on the platform.

There is a financial revolution coming. This is Uranus (revolution) in Taurus (finance). Or perhaps we could say, re-evolution. or re-evaluation. or re-volition. or revelation. Uranus is one of the outer three planets, which are basically the “stage set” for a longer period of time. The inner planets represent the actors, in this “scene” of the play, as their movements are always carried out in the context of these slower moving planets and their constantly slowly shifting stage set.

So this means we are going to have a complete overhaul of our whole approach to money. It is time to prepare for it.

So knowing this, how can we best prepare?

I see a lot of people putting down the whole concept of Bitcoin, and its crypto-friends, the thousands of other “coins” that are appearing, because of several arguments, a couple of which i would like to address.

First and foremost, the argument is that it was apparently created by the NSA, or whoever else in the world government, and that the whole Bitcoin phenomenon is just about rolling out the one world currency, and it will just control everyone, and well, we’re all doomed, basically. And somehow AI is included in this, which is also a topic worthy of much more in depth study before having opinions either way. Technology is a tool, which only amplifies the intent of the one using it. What is important is our intent. AI is not the trap. Being afraid of AI is the trap. After all, it is just a cheap imitation of our true Actual Intelligence. It will NEVER be the real thing.

Ok, so, what is the alternative? We are talking about a financial revolution here. This is what Uranus in Taurus is telling us is coming. Whether you like it or not, it is coming. What’s your solution? If you still think that somehow the current system of debt based fiat money has a future, you just give yourself away as someone with a closed mind, too lazy to type a few keys on your computer and read with an open mind what many of us have known for over a decade. Because if you understand even a fraction of how it works, you will see that the money system as it is now, is a rigged system of control where:

“Them that's got shall get
Them that's not shall lose” (Billie Holiday)

and that this system has no hope of a repair, as it is too limited and contaminated to be relevant anymore.

How about a return to the gold standard? The problem with that, besides it being a kind of moving backwards, rather than forwards to the future (Uranus), is that the extraction of gold from the earth causes, and has caused, untold human suffering, and ruins the planet, at least in the places where it is extracted.

And then as well, there are the centuries of suffering, death, and deception that are all clustered around gold, which, at least for me, tarnishes its “valuability”. And i don’t think we see the half of it, either, as there are all kinds of reports of gold and extra-terrestrials, which seem to hint at other-worldly properties, which perhaps make it valuable for the designs of these beings, whether negative or positive, but it seems like the history of gold is fraught with many horrific massacres, travesties, and in general, some “bad ju-ju”.

Leaving that topic for the time being, as it is a discussion that can go on for some time, let’s move now to another reason people tend to put down Bitcoin, and that is that it takes way too much electricity to mine Bitcoins, enough to provide everyone with electricity, and so forth.

While there is no doubt that this is true, let’s look at the whole concept of mining Bitcoin for a minute. I find it interesting that it is even called “mining”. Ok, so what are we mining? Well, isn’t it obvious? We are mining electricity.

So lately i have been seeing Bitcoin as a store of electricity, which, like gold or other precious metals, or even commodities, is also a natural resource, is it not? We could look at Bitcoins as units of electricity. And what makes them rise in value, aside from all the market speculation, is that as each new one is mined, all the others rise in value as well, because more electricity has been put into them all. And this amount rises exponentially with each new Bitcoin, at least that is my understanding.

Now i agree. The way that most electricity is generated now is destructive to the earth. But it does not need to be, and won’t be for much longer. Free energy technology is already here, but is being suppressed. Anyone with a minimum of curiosity on the subject will find lots to read online. But also, solar technology can be used, without taking anything away from anyone else. The sun does not diminish in energy one iota, no matter how many solar panels are pointed at it.

So just because all this electricity usage is a problem to today’s limited vision, doesn’t mean it will continue to be a problem. But also, anyone who uses this argument gives themselves away as having done literally zero research on the subject of the blockchain and how it works. Because if they had, they would already know that there are several technologies in development, and more on the way, that do away with the whole mining process and its use of electricity. I will leave it up to you to research them.

But let’s consider this a bit more. Here we see money (Taurus) as a store of electricity (Uranus), in a way that can be freely traded, and converted into alternative ways to exchange anything. Is there, really, no value associated with this? Yes, it is not perfect, but to my mind, it is way less contaminated with suffering than gold (or any other precious metals or diamonds). I see it as a transition phase to the realisation that it is really each one of us, in our own bio-electric energy field, that is the true value, especially when we consciously realise our connection and source in the Infinite Supply of Conscious Energy.

These new technologies are already emerging, where “mining” is no longer necessary, and it is our “proof of stake”, or participation, that gives it value. When we participate with our time and attention, we add value. It is as simple as that. When we appreciate something, it appreciates in value.

For a more in depth look at the relationship between electricity and attention, please see my article: https://kitwalkermusic.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/every-volt-counts-your-attention-is-your-current-see/

Electricity is a natural resource, very valuable and useful. it comes from the bioelectric field of the earth, and from the vast electromagnetic field of the sun. It is inexhaustible, actually. The limitation is only in the methods of extracting it and channeling it through our lives, and that limitation is imposed on purpose, but it won’t be for much longer.

It is pretty clear to see that a lot of electricity goes into the creation of Bitcoin. Contrast that with fiat money, which can be instantly created by the select few who control the codes, and there is no limit on the amount that can be created. That means fiat currency is exactly opposite to Bitcoin, in that, instead of all the coins becoming more valuable with each new coin created, every new dollar that is created devalues all the others.

So the debt based fiat system is one of constant draining of energy. i.e., PARASITIC. This is why anyone who is sensitive can notice that they feel drained every time they deal with fiat money. The Bitcoin system, on the other hand, has a quality of appreciation, or increase in value, built into it, and, at least so we are told, there is no central “authority” manipulating or controlling it. Appreciation means, an increase in value. Hence, we can increase the value of our experience of life by appreciating it.

But, of course, if you have never researched either how the fiat system works, or how the cryptocurrency technology works, you will not have the tools to apply discriminating awareness in order to adequately understand what is at stake here.

OK, so then all the skeptics jump in again and remind us of the one world currency, and the NSA, etc etc. So, consider this for a moment. Who invented the internet? Wasn’t it invented by the Department of Defense of the US? Look what happened! Yes, they are trying their damnedest to keep control of the internet, but there’s a LOT of truth leaking out around the edges of their efforts to control. Would we be better off without the internet? Me, i think not. The revelation of the Royal Scam is directly dependent on it, and the spreading of new ideas and vision is intimately connected with it. This is Uranus, the internet, and awakening to the truth.

So of course the big boys are trying to get their thumbs in the pie, and yes, they probably created it. Were some of them “good guys”? Perhaps, but even if they weren’t, they are no match for the power of the tidal wave of awakening that is now building on the planet which is sourced in the Planet Herself, which is a living and awakening Being. Let’s face it, this is a battlefield, and the foundational level of the battle is the financial arena. When the “controllers’” money becomes worthless, no one will work for them any more. My feeling is, we are giving them way more power than actually they have on their own.

Let’s not forget this saying, allegedly from one of the founding members of the banking elite: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws". Until the consciousness movement comes to terms with the money issue, we will have no effectiveness at all. SO, do you see any way for money to evolve and be liberated that even has a fighting chance? I do. But each one of us personally has to consciously decide, and take concrete steps and actual responsibility, for it to be so for all.

But if you are convinced that the controllers ALWAYS win, and that this is just another step in the enslavement of humanity, then you are simply contributing to that. it could go either way. Don’t believe it is a way to freedom? Then what’s your plan? It’s time for solutions, and if you have none, that is true poverty.

So Uranus in Taurus will set the stage for this financial revolution, and each one will have to choose. Which side do you stand on? We have to remember how much power each of us, as a fractal of Infinite Creation, has in the equation. Existence is NOT a democracy. We are not all equal. If you are asleep, you are just a cog in the machine. If you are awake, you are a monkey wrench. Which do you choose?

Stay tuned, for an in depth exploration of the Fixed Cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) in astrology, and how it relates to the awakened commerce (communion in mercy) paradigm which we now have the opportunity to give birth to. Is it going to be easy? Probably not, but standing still is not an option.

more on these topics and more, at my blog: https://kitwalkermusic.wordpress.com/

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