My crazy Bitcoin analysis... December 2021, BTC= $8M? "...u don't say?.."

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My crazy bitcoin analysis...

After analyzing previous charts of bitcoin I realized that it's not 90% but 80% retrace from ATH as you can see in the 2014 chart below where it peaked just over the 1K mark then retraced to around 200$ where it tested for a few times before taking off and never looked back...


Back to the present, 80% retrace that means roughly a bitcoin price around the 4K...give or take that we touched the 5,800s I'd say we pretty much touched the bottom and ought to rise from here in a few months...


I also realized Coin Market Cap only has data from 2013 onward so I investigated prices before 2013...
As you can see we had one major peak at 30$ and a retrace of over 90% ...

then we entered the Coin Market Cap "era" that shut us up to 266$ only to come back at 70$ which was a 75% recline...

saw a rise to 1,242 in Nov 2013 only to retrace to 200$ in March 2015 registering a 84% drop

and then 2017 happened! ...2K, 3K, 4K and so on......with very few drawbacks

So to be fair until 2017 I would say that a bitcoin retrace could be around 70% and the 90% according to historic data which makes me think if we are ever going to see a bitcoin around 500$ again?

If not then taking in consideration the 20x price rise every 2 years of bitcoin I am predicting a 400K by end of 2019 and 8 Millions by end of 2021

...or is it 21x as per "AGENDA 21" ...ohhhhh, u don't say...


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Well that sure would be nice

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