Register to More Exchanges - More and More Are Closing Doors for New Users!

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I have always been saying that to take loads of advantages you need many exchanges. I explain arbitrage method here -

Currently Bittrex and BitFinex closed registrations (yeah even this invite wont help anymore).

For Bitstamp and many others you will have a long time waiting for verification.

I have seen offers of buying exchange accounts (!) already due to registration problems.

Even if you dont need to trade now i suggest to make extra accounts for future, just in case.

Spots that i use and you may not have yet + why to use them.

They dont need documents to trade or withdrawal.

  • Binance - top coins, great place, currently my favorite of open ones
  • BitMex - best place for leverage trading of loads of coins
  • CoinExchange - smaller coins but also big ones, loads of things to get early
  • LiveCoin - has SBD and some cool coins not found anywhere else
  • KuCoin - new asian exchange has support of NEO ICOs

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Hello! can someone answer me on this importang question:

Today on Binance was added Nav at 11:45,
but on other exchanges it was already pumped on 20% before 11:45
This is happening every time almost on every exchange, does someone know is it cuz of some loophole on exchange whitch can gives u earlier info about new coin be added to exchange or this is just selling inside to some vip clients??

theres always bosses, friends of bosses, workers, friends of workers.. thats how it is inside trading happens all the time

thank u, i think the same thing

The main reason for these sites closing doors to new users as my developed countries government are imposing new rules and regulations. But we can always use products like bitshares.

Yeah, good advise and it is paramount to spread your will as far as possible.
Thanks for sharing and keep us awake of what to come for 2018.

@kingscrown - I just took your advice and register to mentioned exchanges :) Thanks a lot for pointing them out!

Thank you for this list! I am going to get my documents next month and slam it down Bitch-trex throat for being a den of thieves.

These exchanges are being cracked down by government which means these are going bye bye and decentralized exchanges will be launching

Good point. I believe many of the US-based exchanges are under covert pressure from the authorities. Did anyone notice how Bittrex decided to ban/KYC heavily accounts of users from many Islamic countries with no formal announcement? NOT by accident, I can assure you of that!

I know that should normally be a good thing, as I believe centralized anything, at least online, is probably never good. However, I wonder what will happen, if and when, the governments (especially the US) begin to feel that the cryptos are a threat to their failing (FAILED) fiat money system? Do you think they'll just try to outlaw the cryptos completely, in an effort to maintain their absolute control of power and most wealth? Since it won't be as easy as just shutting-down centralized exchanges.

I can still see this getting ugly. I look at cryptocurrency as one of the most important developments in the history of mankind, to liberate the masses. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I just don't see those that have total control now, just giving up and admitting defeat.

I'd value anyone's opinion.


hi,Dear wellcom,Nice to read about you.
i am gohar from Pakistan,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
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Best of Luck!
thank you

I see you are new, so I wanted to lend you a bit of friendly advice. Don't ask people for upvotes, follows, and resteems. A lot of people will downvote you for doing that, and it will hurt your reputation score. Also, as far as upvoting your own comments, some people think it's alright, and some people hate it and don't think it's right. You will have to decide for yourself through your own research whether or not you think it's OK.
Just an FYI. Welcome to SteemIt.

Global markets, the United States and almost all of Europe is going on a calm season because Christmas holiday.
Markets will be closed today in the US, and in most countries of Europe, today and tomorrow are Christmas holidays. Analysts said that the new week is a quiet start to the open Asian markets and that investors will be in holiday mood during the week and that a horizontal course can be followed at open markets... @bitcoinflood @kingscrown

Bitshares is the future! Use Bitshares decentralized exchange.

Im crying for good decentralized exchange.

In my opinion Binance will be the top 3 exchange in 2018, allready doing amazing work with only a few months
Thanks for sharing

I agree. You don't even need verification to withdraw less than 2 bitcoins.

Exactly, is allready a big limit. I think 2018 Will BE the year of decentralized exchanges

That's great,but for how long?

Exchanges are getting more difficult. Binance is a good one. I like it, though i just got to know about it. So far its been good trading there, and their transactions fees is moderate. I just hope they list steem and SBD soon.

didn't think about that yet, but maybe a good idea to do... however I gave my daughter (12)a steemit account as christmas gift... maybe one day it will be harder to get one.. so she is in. made her first post today and she is so happy..

I'm all about bitshares now!

Isn't it because the markets went down and everybody is buying + it's Christmas period & end of the year?

Interesting. Hopefully there will be some new solutions to get into and out of these coins.

Seriously good advice. I just registered at Cryptopia. It seems to be pretty slick! Is there a list of those that are still taking registrations?

That's saying something. At least it's a good sign of the demand for cryptos. And we've probably seen nothing yet. I wonder what happens when the first app ontop of steem gets 1m+ downloads in the app-store.

binance is growing in pace,,,nice my friend

Thanks for your information.

hi,Dear wellcom,Nice to read about you.
i am gohar from Pakistan,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed can follow me & upvote .
Best of Luck!
thank you

Thanks for guiding us regarding today's big problem i.e; Registration of New Accounts is Closed For Now. I'm totally agree with your suggestion to create some extra accounts for future.
Binance -BitMex -CoinExchange - LiveCoin are very good option. And now I'm going to create account on Binance.
Once again thanks @kingscrown for your useful and valuable blog post. Keep sharing great stuff and Stay Blessed!

hi,Dear wellcom,Nice to read about you.
i am gohar from Pakistan,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed can follow me & upvote .
Best of Luck!
thank you

Thank you @kingscrown!

I like Binance, and have been noticing the exxhanges closing up to new users. Will check out your suggestions!


thanks for this important notification @kingscrown i follow your advice on how to make money on cryptos..

Binance, CoinExchange and cryptopia are my favorite.

I will take a look to it.

yep love Binance and Crytopia

Easy to use and instant to fund and withdraw.

New information for me @kingscrown thank you so much

People interested in crypto increase much faster than people in charge of cryptocurrencies can keep track of. If they can't hire more people, preventing more accounts is a temporal solution.

There still needs to be more staff though. There is only that much a single clerk can do in a day.

!theres always bosses, friends of bosses always, workers, friends of workers.. thats how it is a inside trading happens all the time friend...

@kingscrown It is really so much informative and I really learned some new things from your post. Thank you!

Upvoted and resteemed!
Happy New Year and Marry Christmas 🎄


thanks for creating this kind of awareness

@kingscrown True, huge wave of newcomers, flooding all exchanging websites.

I use Bitstamp, Kraken, Coinbase, Binance and VirWox! Oh yeah, Blocktrades and Bitshares as well.

Bittrex is rubbish anyway.I can't do nothing there.To many restrictions.

much informative post , thanks for sharing & your time to built up our minds and clearing every thing... @kingscrown

Great information brother please upvot and follow me @steemitgirl11

thanks for your information

Good information thk!

Hope your holidays went well @kingscrown I didnt know about binance will open an account soon :)

This information is very useful.
Thank you @kingscrown

Thank you for the information.🙏☺️

Thank you for sharing this. Do you suggest Bittrex or Binance? I heard many good things about Bittrex, but I am still confused.

time to go decentralized!

i gotta hurry then

Good advice. Also, Coinbase has expensive fees which can be avoided using GDAX, but the funds on their site are insured. I'm thankful I got on Bittrex a few months ago. it has been a good exchange.

Which exchange do you prefer that is up and running right now for new users? And what wallet do you recommend for newbies? Thanks looking forward for your answers..

Currently Binance is also my favorite exchange! I would assume Bittrex will open its doors up to registration soon because more users means more money for them.

thank you for your update. You are always up to date about crypto. thanks

Nice biz tips
Thanks for the enlightenment👍🏻👍🏻

Thanks @ kingscrown.
I was constantly postponing registration on several exchanges from your list. Now I should hurry up)

Wow thats amazing!!! I keep hearing in the media that bitcoin and cryptos are in a bubble but when I think of hundreds of thousand people who not even have a chance of entering the party how could we be in a bubble???

That is a good sign too isn't it. Mass adoption will surly bring prices up.

Wow, I wasn't aware of this. I did manage to get accounts setup on Coinbase, Bittrex, BitStamp, and Poloniex. Poloniex took literally about six weeks or something, as there was a problem with their verification system at the time.

Thanks for your post.

Hy my brother do you want to upvote my blog this one.I hope my brother want to make me happy in this day.

Good information and opening more accounts is good, just to be on the safe side, but I don't think this situation will last for long. After all, the exchanges make their money by increasing their user base and trade volume. They NEED to have more people signing up, and that will push them to fix the delayed/closed registration issues.

Guess I better hurry up and get my binance account before they get flooded. o.O

yes you are right @kingscrown, i try and waited about 2 weeks to open my account on Bittrex but unable. Now i open my account on Binance. Thanks a lot for pointing out important issue and also gave a guideline to us.
Stay Blessed.

Raising barriers to entry isn't good for the crypto market

Wow, this is very interesting... glad i got in when I did... also thanks for sharing some of these other exchanges, hadn't heard of some before and have been looking for an exchange to purchase TRON... very helpful thanks for sharing @kingscrown

Look at Kucoin too . How is BitMex , hearing about it a lot .

Upvote @haejin. Stop the FUD. This is first time in history great wealth is created without committing a great crime. This the first time in my experience that a top notch analyst giving his knowledge openly and freely. Many people have benefited from it. But you don't like it, do you? What have you contributed today @berniesanders? You and your clowns should be ashame of yourself.

Wow man. I actually did not see that coming. I know registering and especially verification takes time but never imagined it would be a problem at some point. Thanks for the head up.

My issue with bittrex is just with verification.
This made me misplace my password...
Here is my question...
Now that they are not taking new user, would they let me retrieve my password without having to drown myself

I imagine if the prices hold up or continue going higher, it won't be long before the major commodity and stock exchanges start gobbling them up and consolidating them. They don't like competition, so for them oligopolies work best. Thank you for the update.

Thanks for providing good information

Hitbtc and poloniex are another 2 both usually lower prices than bittrex

this is cool.

Wow, I didnt know that exchanges were putting a hold on new signups, I will have to sign up to a few more. This is good idea even if you only trade infrequently.

Atomic swaps and the likes will take care of this issue, exchanges will I suppose end up being only used for massive trades for high valkue trades only I'd wager

this in a sad way makes sense. no one would have guessed that we would have gained this much popularity within 1 year. remember we were at 10 bil earlier this year

I think it's a good idea to sign up for as many exchanges as possible now, as more and more of them close their doors to new users.

Also I agree that Binance is a nice simple one to use, and you can even use the Binance Coin for lower fees (and it's gone up 86% in the last week at the time of this writing), so also not a bad coin to hold as it continues to grow in value.

Binance is great. Have previously dabbled in Poloniex,, and another small player that dealt with Polybius ( was selling all my sad PLBT coins)

thanks for sharing

I ran into the same problem trying to open a Bittrex account the other day. Thanks for the heads-up!

I just heard recently about binance but never actually checked out the site. Now I will make an account just in case they will close signups too.

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Kucoins is by far the best exchange that will arise in 2018.... because of their unique daily bonus from from the of their altcoins available from the site.. if you dont have yet, you can sign up here for FREE:

lol. this is either a good sign or really scary

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Good idea,think it’s time to register for a few more exchanges. Thanks for the advice.

Hello @kingscrown Sir!

It is stated with full devotion that it is my #first ever comment on your post. The information you provided is worth reading for every steemians.
I am a new comer in this field and i tried to build up my account on #Bittrex but i couldn't build up my account there due to large number of people. As You mentioned :

Binance - top coins, great place, currently my favorite of open ones
BitMex - best place for leverage trading of loads of coins
CoinExchange - smaller coins but also big ones, loads of things to get early
LiveCoin - has SBD and some cool coins not found anywhere else

Now after reading your post i will try to build my account on #Binance (your personal favorite)

Best Wishes and #Resteemed !

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Personally, I'd love to see more exchanges in Africa. I just wrote a post detailing the challenges, particularly with government support, that blockchain technology faces on the continent. I'd love to hear what you think:

I wonder if it's actually worth having so many exchnage accounts because eventually you'll have to transfer something to each of these accounts to start trading and you'll end up paying transfer fees.Arbitrage is something I haven't used yet though because I"m always sceptical of moving the coins before the prices change again.... certainly won't do it for bitcoin with the high transfer rates and slow transfers.

If you do nothing but hold the accounts, at a later date when they halt new accounts (like now) you can sell them and make a little bit of money. I've seen the light, from now on I'm going to make sure to open accounts on reputable exchanges even if I don't use them. Good post!

Do you think blocktrades will stay open for everyone?

Thank you for the heads-up. I've been meaning to get a Binance account.


hi,Dear wellcom,Nice to read about you.
i am gohar from Pakistan,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed can follow me & upvote .
Best of Luck!
thank you

i went to inform you that someone copy your last post without you permission /