New and Incoming Functions on Bittrex Exchange

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Bittrex has added few cool things inside the exchange. Not for trading but rather for security and ease of usage.
Some of functions i mention here were there already, but most are new.

Remember Bittrex was first exchange that traded STEEM!

To see the functions login to your @bittrex account and visit


You cna verify your phone and full data.

IP Whitelist

If you have constant IP you should consider adding yourself there.

Withdrawal Address

You will auto send to this addresses when clicking withdrawal of chosen currency.

Any2Any Convertor

Not there yet but it will let you exchange any currency into other one. Probably just working as a fast trade.


If you mine some hot currency, its good to just set autosell. Everythign deposited will be sold right away.

Profit / Loss Calculator

Incoming. We dont have info on it yet.. We can only predict.

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Notice how i spoke of me buying EXCL yesterday in my post ;)

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Could I somehow follow your curation trail on exchanges?

no such thing in crypto world so far... but you have a good idea.
for now you can just be on my trail of steemit ;)

will Bittrex still be in operation in Washington state? - Poloniex is leaving Washington state. I have not heard anything regarding Bittrex. Are you able to post an update regarding this?

when i will know of any changes i will surely write

This is a great post. I use BitTrex quite a bit, so some of these features are exciting. I'm out of votes so I'll resteem this instead :)

buy some EXCL and be happy with raises :)

Thanks for the tip. I will have to take a look at that coin :)

Cool features!

Think I need to consult you for some advise ASAP