Got Coins on C-CEX? Worth Moving Them Out

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

Since losing XVG wallet with loads of coins the C-CEX exchange was having issues. In loads of times it was not fully operational ie you could trade but not deposit or especially withdrawal.

They lately wrote that its gonna take 2 months for them to operate gain...

Today they wrote that for short time its operating normally.

Sadly i dont know how long it took but its again limited aka you cant do anything.

So if you have anything there even dust - may be worth getting it out when you can.

Was good spot for years but seems this big lose caused problems.


Working Anon Exchanges

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to other two above with different coins
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes

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I think crypto exchanges are still young and still figuring things out. By the time dust settles down I am not sure if most of the present names would be left.
Hopefully this all not deter the truly inspired investors from coming into the market!

I think you might be right. Haven't been on c-cex for a while, but still a little dust there, so will move this. Thanks for this!

I do not have this coin but this one that you mention is interesting to me

I hope that the moderators have in mind the future proportion of the crypto, or we can find these exchange at the mercy of failure.

Thanks for the info.
I'm withdrawing mine. Eish!