Cryptopia Delistning Many Coins and Keeping a Few

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

If you have any of those move them elsewhere or dump ;)

For starters they decided to not delist - DARK (DARK) ElaCoin (ELC) FonzieCoin (FONZ) LADACoin (LDC) Xcoin (XCO). I know whats ELC and XCO but never traded any.

As of May 7th, the below 23 coins have been put into delisting. We are delisting these coins as they have ongoing technical problems such as no working Block Explorer and we want to ensure our customers have access to digital tokens that continue to meet our coin listing criteria and have a properly functioning blockchain and wallet. To ensure your funds are safe and off the exchange before these coins are removed, for those where it is possible we recommend withdrawing these coins from the exchange immediately. Prior to withdrawing, we recommend checking the CoinInfo page as to the status of the coin.

*The coins marked with an asterisk () have significantly broken blockchains or wallets that will not allow withdrawals. **

  • BestChain (BEST) *
  • Cannation (CNNC)
  • Creatio (XCRE)
  • CryptoRuble (CRUR) *
  • ElephantCoin (ELP) *
  • FacileCoin (FCN)
  • FireRoosterCoin (FRC) *
  • Fortcoin (FORT) *
  • GaiaCoin (GAIA) *
  • GameUnits (UNITS)
  • ICOBid (ICOB)
  • Independent Money System (IMS) *
  • KangarooBits (KGB) *
  • Kurrent (KURT)
  • Le Pen Coin (LEPEN)
  • LiZi (LIZI)
  • Macron (MCRN) *
  • MetalMusicCoin (MTLMC) *
  • PureVidz (VIDZ) *
  • Rimbit (RBT)
  • SharkCoin (SAK) *
  • StopTrumpCoin (STC) *
  • TattooCoin (TSE) *

I doubt any of you have significant amounts of those but just in case - be aware.


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wow that's a lot of coins on the list but i guess they have to clean up the shit lol :)


Don't talk about firerooster coin like that! It had a solid project going! This an actual video of them developing the project

The fire part wasn't literal, it was just an aggressive rooster

Less trouble for them.
Those coins are more pump and dump
and not much to offer to the public

thanks for the info

@kingscrown It is happening in order to regulate of the cryptography. This event could be repeated, with others crypto coins.
Helpful with your post, on time and specific.

Yes right now a lot of coins are coming up and you've given a little bit of imformation about the troubled coin Thank you. and we also have own coin may want to try with WX COIN. You may try this one coin.


Thanks for the info. Is the last pic your current holding coins? I see Lux and Zoin which I'm quite interested in now.

Another exchange moving towards regulations from the looks of it

Good update

Its a good post to keep steemians aware of cryptopia's delisting move. The idea is to strengthen the Cryptopia platform further.

All this shit coins needs to be delisted to avoid causing loss and lost of confident in crytocurrency market.

Especially a novice in exchange, I bought a coin by name TTC In cryptopia but it keep dropping since last year, i dont know if itz among the delisting ones,

Thank you for the wonderful post, it is really helpful.


Shitcoin is still going strong, It is actually competing with bitcoin in the 24 hour volume department

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 9.29.23 AM.png

Here an old official announcement from cryptopia about coins being delisted:
and here another publication from the team about other coins being delisted:

That is a lot of broken wallets! I only used Cryptopia once and it was terrible. They seem to be the go to for shite coins.


Good to know.
Any recommendations about decentralized exchanges that work?
In the past I tried Bitshares and it never worked from my PC under any browser.
Only from another PC I managed to get to the login.
Any others that work?


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Tattoo coin? Damn... my entire networth is caught up in that... Well half in that and half in weranoutofnames coin... Well it looks like I am dumping and moving on...

And shoot! Metalmusic coin really SOUNED like a winner