China endorsed Blockchain.. Now South Korea goes for it.

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The searches for 比特币which is Bitcoin are going crazy in China since President Xi spoke about blockchain and they spoke of launching digital CNY (read my previous posts to know more if you were not aware).

Now South Korea, The Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution wants the government to recognize blockchain as a trend and all full opinions and guides on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They spoke about getting easier legislation and regulations on crypto and help startups in the niche.


Worth to remind that currently anon coins are getting banned from Korean exchanges due to FATF.

If you are not aware Korea has one of most volume exchanges right now and generated huge volumes so these updates seem essential.

Korea, China, and Japan are very interesting in crypto officially and this can only mean good stuff.

Worth to note that loads of exchanges have their separate branches just because of KR volume and different laws there. Below some 24h volumes of KR made or oriented exchanges.

Worth to note that here on STEEM we have very strong Korea crew.

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Crazy things happening. Poloniex sold, bitrrex changed and now everyone fighting crypto or what, even Korea ? @tipu curate

crazy times indeed and its just starting ;)

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Just .1% of the the Chinese population can make Steem the most successful blockchain... If Steemit Inc would ask me where shall they allocate the next year's marketing budget I would told them to make the Chinese aware of Steem... The majority of the population under 30 y/o already go around the State firewall on a daily basis...

China is now recognizing and facing blockchain with an open attitude, which is also a hot topic in the world economy in the future

With regard to the Chinese population it would be first to come first served... Steem has a huge opportunity in front of the door, it will be interesting to find out if they have the intelligence to seize it.

thanks for all you done

BTC go to the moon!!

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East Asia will be linked economically via a digital platform.

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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