BTCC releases Badass Multicurrency Bitcoin Wallet

in bitcoin •  last year

BTCC is one of the biggest chinese Bitcoin exchanges.

Today they released Android Play and Apple iStore approved wallet app called Mobi.

TLDR Version

With Mobi you can tip people on twitter with it and exchange BTC into fiat currencies worldwide and even gold or silver. Thay also have optional Visa debit card which you can link with the account. Mobi uses its own blockchain + BTC blockchain when you want to send BTC peer to peer.

Download Links

iTunes App Store:
Google Play Store:


BTCC Volume and Stats

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It is very exciting development for the world of cryptocurrencies, if it is not a plot to spy on us... Thanks for sharing this news with us, namaste :)

Most interesting and useful info @kingscrown. Thank you.


mmm ..really?


Do you have an addition to the post? Is it negative? Please, do advise.

I joined the BTCC giveaway event on twitter :))

I had to add this one to the Queue and pinged BTCC on Twitter. It should Tweet in the next hour or so.


cant wait! you shoul d actually add more of my posts as they often engage companies ;)

I love this wallet already!

What can we do to get Steem/SBD added as a supported currency?