Order in the strange split of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

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In block 495,866, the hard-fork of the bitcoin chain was performed (the split has already occurred).
The new currency, BCD, will contain blocks of 8 mb (similar to the BCH) and an algorithmic change in the proof of work of the chain. The change will include acceleration of block formation (x5) so that transactions will be approved more quickly.
There will also be an additional layer of encryption that will allow for more privacy.
Bitcoin holders at split time will receive BCD at a ratio of 1:10, meaning that for each bitcoin you hold, you receive 10 BCD.
This means that in contrast to the 21 million maximum coins in Bitcoin, BCH and BTG, the BCD will have 210 million coins. They argue that this will allow a more convenient 'cost of participation' for new users on the Web.
It is important to note that the development team (which is actually comprised of the miners) did not reveal itself and remains completely anonymous, raising doubts about their true intentions and raising concerns that this is a type of scam.
According to developers, BitGo, Ledger and others will support the new currency.
Binance announced that it had taken a snapshot of the new currency after checking the network and making sure it was protected and stable.
The stock exchanges Bittrex, Poloniex and others have not yet issued a statement. However, at http://www.btcd.io/index.html specify which exchanges are expected to support.

Binance’s Statement on Bitcoin Diamond - https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002980192-Binance-s-Statement-on-Bitcoin-Diamond-BCD-

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