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Ripple is the name of a p2p payment network with its own flexible digital currency, the XRP. Ripples or XRP's equipped with the necessary liquidity within the network of complex financial transactions and serves as a bridging currency for international payments between especially simplifying complex financial institutions.

Financial institutions such as investment banks will cut costs by using the Ripple network. Ripple has the ambition to the closed financial networks of payment cards, large banks, Paypal, Moneybookers and other financial institutions break open and all sorts of unnecessary costs such as currency turnover costs, delays and restrictions and all key issues to connect with the Ripple network. ripple.png

All 15 of the 50 most important international large banks are already using the Ripple network. In addition, there will be a monetary policy and a final XRP limit be introduced. This makes Ripple to a very interesting investment.

Ripple is a centrally managed fintech project led by a company Ripple Labs with many large banks as venture capitalists.
Ripple is as centrally managed crypto money much better equipped to be used by and for financial institutions as an effective means for reducing transaction costs and can easily handle huge volumes of transactions. Ripple Labs has the ambition to be the world reserve currency of all the crypto money.

What are the benefits of Ripple?

• A XRP transaction is immediately accepted and validated.

• Ripple is in fact centrally managed and developed leaving no consensus problems. The development of the Ripple network is much faster. The development of Bitcoin goes slow because 95% network optimizations only on the basis of a consensus within the community. Decentralised crypto money based on a PoW algorithm develops slowly and can not just implement new improvements in order to better compete with Central led crypto money such as Ripple.
• Ripple supports all currencies and has its own built-in currency exchange. It makes a kind of currency soup where many things are possible. For example, when a Ripple user can use a particular currency for a particular transaction and immediately convert to a different currency for paying for goods. You can transfer money cheaply abroad. GATEAWAY.jpg

Why should I still invest in Ripple?

This new cryptocurrency has beautiful ambitions. According to the developers of Ripple are payment systems anno 2015 where email was in the 80 's. Everyone built his own system and each customer sat there in. Ripple is developed to connect with each other all possible payment systems. Large companies will increasingly lose control over financial flows of people, just as they more and more control over the flow of information over the internet. Ripple will enable money to flow.

The coin is based on the Ripple protocol and this is developed by the company Ripple Labs. This particular fintech company in San Francisco was founded by Chris Larsen (CEO) and Jed McCaleb (CEO). Precisely because Ripple is developed by a very professional company allow other parties, such as large banks and Governments to embrace the possibilities of Ripple open whereby also the adoption of Ripple will go much faster.

The following points give this clearly:

• Ripple Labs has a cooperation with the Fidor Bank to provide better services for their customers.

• Ripple Labs has already received a lot of venture capital of many large technology companies including Google Ventures and China Growth Capital. In 2016 has Ripple Labs an additional 55 million USD of venture capital received from a number of large banks and financial institutions such as Standard Chartered, Accenture Ventures, SCB Digital Ventures, and SBI Holdings. Other key investors are Santander InnoVentures, CME Ventures, Seagate Technology and Venture 51. In 2016, the ledger of Ripple, the Ripple Consensus Ledger, more than 225 million transactions processed with a value of more than 1 billion u.s. Dollars.

• In 2017 has a consortium of 47 Japanese banks with a lot of progress on Ripple-based payment platform tested, the RC Cloud. The RC Cloud is completely based on Ripple's technology for the transfer of money immediately in the Interior and abroad. The RC Cloud will now be rolled out in the Japanese banking system.

• Not only Japanese banks choose Ripple. In 2017 also have the following important financial institutions for Ripple chosen: MUFG, BBVA, SEB, Akbank, Axis Bank, YES BANK, SBI Remit, Cambridge Global Payments, Star One Credit Union and They will use as a Ripple bridging digital currency for carry out cross-border payments almost immediately. There currently are all 15 of the 50 most important large banks concerned with testing of Ripple.

• Ripple Labs as a kind of central bank monitors the flow of money. In total there will be 100 billion ripples in circulation, with currently about 62 billion under the control of the company. The chance of success is greater with the support of large multinationals and banks. Recently decided to 55 billion for a period of several years in an account. Because of this there is an artificial operation of scarcity. The offer is being artificially limited while demand increases by the many new positive news on the progress of the Ripple network. This is one of the reasons why Ripple so enormously in price has increased.

As an investment you would Ripple certainly can buy. Ripple is the technology sufficiently proven and is referred to by the big banks in gebruikgenomen. It is an effective payment network with a flexible command crypto currency that works for and in the interests of the big banks and other financial institutions.Screen-Shot-2017-05-16-at-4.43.48-PM.png





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Follow me and i follow you :D

no. too much supply not enough demand. half the community has been alienated by their centralized stance.

so you think it have no potential for the future?

I think Ripple will absolutely go up in value but it's not decentralised. That puts a lot of people off.

how much you think ripple will go up ?? @cryptoviking

That's a big question, and nobody really knows. There is too much in circulation currently but if banks start buying it up that would solve that problem. I think it's safe to say Ripple won't hit 10 USD or at least not anytime soon, however maybe a dollar?

@CRYPTOVIKING what do you think wil hit the 10USD from the little ones? something like SIA or GOLEMS of steem

I think steem has a pretty solid chance. I think that for a coin to really grow it really helps if it has external value, like steem. Steem is necessary to use the social media platform thus has additional value over just the price of the coin.

Solid post. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. Not sure if I believe in the current crypto investment climate but I do believe in the blockchain. I was researching a way to do better investment analysis on the current cryptos. An interesting website I found: Supposingly they researched every crypto coin in the scene based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model. They even score the coins stengths. Go to: To see the: Ripple Investment research report.