I made 16000 Rs in just 12 minutes in Bitcoin live trading| margin trading on Bitmex(HINDI)

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I did a live trade on 4-5-18. Currently uploading this video on 5-5-18 due to electricity issue.

I Traded 0.2 worth of Bitcoins in Bitmex. I used a leverage 50x, therefore, I am able to trade 10 Bitcoin from just 0.22 BTC. I made 16000+ INR in just 12 freaking minutes. It was a short-term trade.
I bought 100000 USD Contracts at 9795$ and sold all at 9770$.
You can make quick profits in leverage and margin trading. You can earn both ways whether BTC going up or down. You can make huge profits. You just have to predict the price.

Watch the Video in HINDI:

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#JOINLINK: https://www.bitmex.com/register/c1umW1

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