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RE: Trading tips & coin of the month from a complete beginner & future millionaire 😉

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Boom Sammillionaire!

Nice one brother, era of airdrops coming to everyone's wallets. Soon for steemies with vicetoken too!

This is golden wisdom:

Avoid over trading

Stick to big moves only and wait for a good percentage increase on your money before selling.

Don't panic if the market drops. It will come back.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose 😋


Brilliant picture. Exactly what I imagined hoddling would look like ;)

Loving this Steem train my brother. And so pleased to have you & Sebby here with me here. Yes, we are about to go boom boom. Steem is going to be massive (who knows, potentially even threaten BTC as the simplest method of exchanging money with it's instant & free blockchain)and so many other coins will rise with it. Looking forward to the era of airdrops! And am wondering when we will get to a point when every human has their own coin? Now that would be interesting ;)

Thanks for the vicetoken pointer. Was not aware of this one. Amazing! It was always only a question of time...

You know it brother, when we look to the meta of money as stored energy, it's all current. Sex flows all ways and whenever the industry picks a tech solution, mass adoption follows 👀 🌍