I think the above is unlikely, but it becomes much more likely if the smaller H&S @haejin outlined is realised. (This would be a H&S fractal!)

If (and only only if) the above happens, for me, I'd be moving 80-90% to fiat. I think most alts, with a few exceptions would be smashed.

Haejin will warn of this scenario if it becomes probable.

Yes he would. As I said, the smaller H&S he outlined would have to happen first. Then this becomes more likely.

Even if it won´t happen on a regular basis, if he warns it will crash, as there are sooo many followers with a budget. Anyway, I hope he wont announce any bad news and keeps up those heaters! Love this guy <3 Haters gonna hate..

Little bit ironic, lets stay positiv!

What about moving to BitUSD instead of Fiat?
Good idea? I still haven't talked to my accountant yet.

Sorry, by fiat I mean "just not in btc/alts". Bringing it out into actual fiat would trigger taxation events that I'm not ready to deal with.

Most of my stack is over on the bitshares dex, so I would pull it into BitUSD.

I wouldn't put it into USDT either... the chance of that going to $0 is not 0 at this stage.

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