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RE: Short Bitcoin if you’re Brave!! 🐻

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Wow! So glad to see your post!
Things have been rather crazy lately! I mean last week it was the big debate about a blacklist of people who posted on both platforms. Luckily, a big debate rejected the idea, so the blacklist was stopped. I think they should prevent scammers and dishonest people who actually cheated behind people’s back instead of that crazy blacklist.

Some of the contests have ended because the initiator found out about cheaters who stole others’ work to gain several prizes! But this still goes on in some other contests. Very bad karma!

Hope you are doing very well.

Too much disrupting vibes around the world. This pandemic impact is starting to bite harder for so many people. I am afraid of social unrest in the near future.

Please post your analysis more frequently!
I am learning, very slowly.


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