The One App You Must Check Before Traveling (inc Rewards Campaign!)

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If you travel regularly, then you likely know the struggle that comes with finding where to go and what to do when you get there. You might also have experienced the frustration that comes with attempting to cut through the web of overly-marketed events, restaurants, and activities to find those that are truly worth your time and money.

Thankfully, you are not alone in suffering these frustrations, and thousands of ardent travelers around the world have begun to share their experiences, helping travelers better manage their time and explore the vast world around us.

However, there has not been a unified front where travelers can readily search for travel-related information in a simple way, without running the risk of being served misleading, or worse, malicious information. That is, until the introduction of

Get The Local Experience

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When traveling to a new city or location, travelers are often faced with a number of challenges—not the least of which is identifying reliable, accurate recommendations on what to see or do in the local area.

To help tackle this challenge, puts users looking to visit different regions in direct contact with locals and other travelers in that region through local chat channels, covering every region on Earth—that’s over 200 million channels! Within these local communities, travelers and locals are able to chat, share recommendations and experiences, as well as tips and tricks to help travelers get the most out of their experience.

Mobile app coming soon to iOS and Android

Beyond its social features, is also a powerful search engine that quite literally puts the world at your fingertips, by using an innovative community-driven solution to helps rapidly identify and review new locations, activities and much more. Once a postcard for a new location is uploaded and the public page for that location is created, the community will retain full control over the information presented on that page. This ensures that information remains accurate, impartial and free of manipulation.


Over time, as the number of locations and reviews for each location rack up, travelers will be able to form a far better picture of the range of options available, which will help to stamp out tourist traps, overhyped activities, and other low-quality engagements that damage the travel and tourism industry while leaving a sour taste in the mouth of those tricked by one.

Now, you might be thinking, “how do I know I can trust the information presented on” Well, the answer to that question is simple— incentivizes the contribution of accurate, relevant travel information by rewarding contributors with GUIDE tokens.

Read on to find out how these GUIDE rewards in combination with a novel approach to location indexing will help build the world’s most complete travel social network and search engine.

Build and Be Rewarded

Although access to travel information has dramatically improved in recent years, this has been largely mired by the simultaneous proliferation of disingenuous content pushed by travel and tourism agencies, hotels and booking platforms all looking to profit through referral and commission schemes.

To combat this, hotels, activities and events listed on the platform will be rated by the community, which will be incentivized to help build a platform others can trust through regular GUIDE token rewards for meaningful contributions to the platform. This incentive system should also help recruit travel influencers that wish to share their experiences and content with a hyper-focused audience.

Likewise, the platform will also distribute 25% of GUIDE fees earned by locations choosing to maintain an official page to top-ranked contributors.


These GUIDE rewards can be used for a variety of functions on the social network, including paying for experiences on the marketplace, while also offering token holders the chance to participate in exclusive events and receive discounts on select bookings and with select marketplace vendors. With 60% of the 10 million (+1) token total supply being distributed to the community, it is clear to see how could become a truly community-oriented platform.

Through the marketplace, users will be able to purchase a staggering variety of tickets for tours, events and activities in their region of choice, payable in either GUIDE tokens or a variety of other payment methods. These can be provided by both global vendors and other travelers, giving users another potential revenue stream.

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Beyond this, the ecosystem is designed to thrive regardless of how many or how few users it has, since the quality and reliability of community contributions will always be subject to the same high standards the community expects. The system is also built to ensure that contributors are suitably rewarded for their efforts regardless of the prevailing market conditions, meaning the platform should witness steady growth irrespective of what is happening in the surrounding cryptocurrency industry.

A 20th Century Solution


As a search engine dedicated to the tourism industry, cuts through the noise to help travelers find exactly what they are looking for, while also giving users the opportunity to contribute to a platform designed to act as a beacon for explorers and casual holidaymakers alike.

The platform is currently live and operational, with new features being added regularly. Beyond this, although the platform has already racked up an impressive number of users and contributors, it is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, having already achieved close to 15,000 registered users, the platform is well on its way to achieving its ambitious roadmap goals.

One feature that helps stand out from other social networks is the clever way it arranges information uploaded by its users. Rather than requiring users to manually go through the process of creating new locations for each of their uploads, they need only enter basic local information and this will be used to automatically index the location.

This solution allows users to quickly contribute to a growing social network and archive of travel experiences and locations with practically no effort, since the indexing steps are automatically handled by the platform’s state-of-the-art algorithms. This allows a huge amount of information to be extracted from a single postcard uploaded to platform, helping map out the entire range of accommodation, sights, restaurants and more available in a location in as few steps as possible.

As the world's first blockchain-powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry, the project hopes to develop into force for change within the industry, helping travelers find the information they're looking for without having to filter through a heap of false information and half-truths to get there. Likewise, thanks to its already rapid growth, is well on its way to becoming arguably the largest community of travelers around. is currently conducting its IEO on Livecoin—one of the most popular spot trading platforms in operation. Due to the strong potential of the project, the team has elected to limit the IEO duration to just eight days--which should be ample time to sell out the limited GUIDE token allocation.

To celebrate the launch of the IEO, the team behind the project is launching a generous reward campaign. To participate, simply create an account on and begin creating postcards. For each postcard created between now and January 15, 2020, you will be rewarded with 2 GUIDE tokens. This campaign will continue until 10,000 GUIDE tokens are distributed, or the deadline arrives—whichever comes first.

For more information about, please see;

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"The one app you must check before traveling" is @travelfeed, and it's built on Steem ;) Content creators from the community are constantly contributing quality information about places around the world - unlike instagram or other photo sharing platforms, TravelFeed is truly useful for finding information relevant to travellers

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In a free economy, any person can offer his or her product to the users. It is the customers and the market itself that will decide which will be better.

Competition is always the critical player gives the best results.

hello, hum, i am new to this steemit. i didn't know how its works in youtube they say it is like a cryptocurrency earning site and also they said that in our command anybody gives upvote it convert it to reward. so anybody give me some upvotes to me.???

It is impossible to know how much a snowball can become bigger. But I guess a snowball coming towards to tourism industry. Because the project does not only offer a social platform but also would be a great instrument for tourists. Besides all of that, rewards will create an incredible motivation for all users.

Apparently, most travelers' dreams have come true. I love how cryptocurrencies are subject to such adaptation. This can be seen as a small step right now, but I think that such practices will spread much more in the future. This is because most apps provide a more transparent payment by removing brokers. In this way, users can make money from their shares.

very good and interesting...

Is this your ANN? if so I already participated, this project seems very legit.

Oh very nice. İ love travelling 🧳

Actually, it's a good idea. You can both travel and both earn, I always support these kind of apps, even if they are just at the beginning.

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It's really cool

Thanks for this post.

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