Either this whole thing falls apart or we going much higher still

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Which will it be?

There are so many cycles and patterns pointing to bitcoin going much higher during this bull market phase.

Either bitcoin is going much higher still or these models and patterns fall apart.

Here's the latest:


(Source: https://twitter.com/buitienphuc4/status/1439641071688900618/photo/1)

Seems crazy to think about these numbers when we can't even break $50k and hold, but that's what the models show.

I have my doubts we will keep repeating as the law of large numbers comes into play, but you just never know.

What do you think?


Altcoin winter isn't over yet and that will put pressure on Bitcoin... People are holding instead of buying or selling altcoins and that calls for Halcyon days... Essentially it's calm before a storm.

Was this the storm you were referring to? lol

I'm talking about big events that will shake value of multiple cryptocurrencies... There's already some coins that have troubles due to bugs in their code and some coins are leaving the markets or planning major relaunch...

Basically altcoins are divided to ones that are based on Bitcoin core or its forks, ones that are based on CryptoNote core, and the rest... There is very few CryptoNote coins left, because the core has a lot of issues and limitations that can't be patched easily, and as such even Bytecoin did try to rewrite the core for 3.x series. On the other hand, forking Bitcoin core takes a lot more knowledge, because a lot of parameters are hard-coded, so there is high risk of regressions caused by improper forking.