BTC - First Bitoin, then the Altcoins

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Guess what, Altcoin season is finally here!

First Bitcoin moves up, then the Altcoins tend to follow.

There is a somewhat predictable pattern that seems to take place almost like clockwork in crypto.

It's one where bitcoin runs up around its halving event, and then the major altcoins follow suit.

It's what people are referring to when you hear them say...

"Bitcoin first, then the altcoins"

Interestingly enough, when the altcoins follow, they tend to follow in multiples of what bitcoin does in terms of performance.

Why does this phenomenon continue to play out?

I think it keeps playing out for several reasons...

The first one being that bitcoin is the major on-ramp into crypto.

When fiat money comes into crypto, more often than not, it buys bitcoin first.

It's the oldest, the most well known, the most valuable, and has the most altcoin pairs.

Given this, bitcoin has been the driving force that pulls money into the crypto markets.

But once it's there, that's where altcoins come in...

Once bitcoin pulls fiat money in and starts running up, people tend to want to buy "the next bitcoin".

That cheaply priced altcoin that is going to take the crown from bitcoin someday.

It never actually happens, but the hope/hype is always there.

Especially when you start to see 10x or even 100x gains in some of these coins...


Plus you get people who want to lock in the gains they made in bitcoin but they won't want to go to fiat.

Local tax laws probably have something to do with this.

In some places there are no taxes paid on crypto to crypto transactions, only crypto to fiat transactions.

And finally, bitcoin is the least risky investment in all of crypto, as crazy as it might sound hearing "bitcoin" and "least risky" mentioned in the same sentence.

With the stock market soaring, gold soaring, assets prices across the board soaring, it's not surprise bitcoin is also soaring.

Then moving down the risk spectrum, after bitcoin soars, altcoins are next up on the list.

As they are often seen as just about the riskiest of the risky-assets out there.

To recap...

  • Bitcoin pulls money in

  • That money eventually sloshes over into altcoins

  • Altcoins yield massive returns

  • Rinse and repeat

Stay informed my friends.

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I am so looking forward to the Alts moving so I can recap and consolidate into fewer top coins (and some more DeFi).

Are you holding some of the lesser alts?

So, would you stay in bitcoin til the halvening, then buy alts?
Or is that waiting too long?

And, during this bitcoin halvening, what is playing out with the lightening network?

It depends on which alts you go in to, but many of them are starting to pop off now. They are all inherently higher risk/more volatile than BTC at this point, thus the potential for more insane returns.

Last bull market felt like there was a very limited amount of spots for projects to do well, i.e. in the top 20 to 50... maybe 100 coins. I have a feeling as crypto grows even many hundreds of blockchains will be booming for a while as long as they have solid fundamental technology and a dedicated community behind them to provide proof-of-value.

The tricky part is navigating from BTC --> alts --->BTC --->fiat, etc. in the right timing. I majorly failed on that last bull cycle, lol!

The alt I care most about is STEEM!

At $.25 as I write. Go STEEM!

A lot of Altcoins are shifting huge ground at the moment, and your post couldn't be more timely! I've noticed that BTC dominance has dropped by a bit, nearly at the 60% level now. Seeing how alts have already taken to the moon, like ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, XTZ, BSV, etc., I think the alt-season is finally here, coinciding well with Bitcoin starting its leg up to the Halving bull-run.