🏅In five years people will completely pass to crypto-currencies🏅

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'If in 5 years you try to use the currency, everyone will laugh at you. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies will be so firmly entrenched in everyday life that there will simply not be any reason to use the currencies, 'says venture capitalist Tim Draper.

The investor believes that the fiat currencies lose their popularity, including because of the fall in the value of the national currency outside the country that emits it.

'Naira outside of Nigeria costs 30% less. The euro in this regard is much more profitable currency, but it also involves certain costs in the conversion. Crypto currency is free from these drawbacks, '- said Tim Draper.

Also, the capitalist expressed full confidence that most of the existing crypto currency will remain afloat and will be able to successfully interact in the future:

'For each of the currencies, the exchange rate will be set. I think they will all be tied up in your wallet. When you pay at Starbucks, your wallet will choose the most profitable currency. '
He noted that it was only a matter of time.

Recall that Tim Draper himself was a very visionary investor. He bought 30 thousand BTC in the amount of $ 20 million in 2014. Today this amount is approximately $ 225 million.


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This really hits home. I was following bitcoin in 2011 and managed to acquire a few tokens and forgot about them. I cant remember what wallet I used much less the 12 word phrase if I had even set it up. But I got back into it when it was 2000 months ago and have made my money back from my stupidity.

I think fiat currency will be extinct in the near future. The application is limitless with blockchain. Thank god for crypto (or who ever you pray too)

but, how useful is it to have money that depends on the brute force of computing machinery farms? how will users compete with computing farms? what good is money that its so expensive to obtain? the block is revolutionary, it will fix many security/privacy Internet problems. however, the currency may be outlawed (as China, Vietnam have done) when the banksters figure they've had enough talk of no middle men needed in #crypto