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👑The developers of Kik instant messenger who first wanted to transfer their tokens from Ethereum to Stellar, and then decided to use both networks at once, now are going to conduct Stellar fork. Interestingly, they will switch from words to deeds or come up with something new 😁

Thursday news:👇

✅The main developer of instant messenger Facebook announced the creation of a working group that will search for blocking solutions for the social network

✅The creator of the Galaxy Digital investment fund, Mike Novograts, spoke about the partnership with Bloomberg. Announced the creation of the crypto-currency index Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which will track BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, ZEC, BCH, EOS, LTC, DASH and ETC

✅The first version of the Casper update code for Ethereum was posted on GitHub

✅Developers Zcash announced the opposition to ASIC-miners. They are going to study the level of threat from specialized miners and prepare technical solutions for changing the current mining algorithm

Exchange rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin 9300 $ (↑ 1.34%)
Bitcoin Cash 1643 $ (↑ 4.19%)
Ethereum $ 750 (↑ 1.94%)
Ripple 0,8 $ (↓ 0,61%)
Litecoin 157 $ (↓ 1,24%)
EOS $ 18.02 (↓ 1.05%)

Capitalization of all crypto-currencies: $ 434 billion

🔰 TODAY'S EVENT 10.5.2018🔰

Lykke (LKK) - Icoin Summit

NAGA (NGC) - Icoin Summit

0x (ZRX) - Fluidity Summit 2018

AirSwap (AST) - Fluidity Summit 2018

OmiseGO (OMG) - Fluidity Summit 2018

Gnosis (GNO) - Fluidity Summit 2018

Ethereum (ETH) - Fluidity Summit 2018

Aurora DAO (AURA) - Fluidity Summit 2018

SportyCo (SPF) - World Sports Biockchain Summit

UTRUST (UTK) - Mvp Stor

MyBit Token (MYB) - Rebranding

POA Network (POA) - POA Bridge

POA Network (POA) - POA20

Authorship (ATS) - Coin Burn

VapersCoin (VPRC) - New Wallet Release

VeriCoin (VRC) - 4th Birthday

ClearPoll (POLL) - Reward System Upgrade

Ontology (ONT) - Huobi Talk

I/O Coin (IOC) - New Wallet Release

Golem (GNT) - Golem And Friends Meetup

ProChain (PRA) - Listing on BitZ

ATN (ATN) - Listing on RightBTC

eosDAC (EOSDAC) - Listing on Cashier

EOS (EOS) - Evolution Airdrop

FuzeX (FXT) - Listing on Cobinhood

Substratum (SUB) - Livestream

Dropil (DROP) - Dex Platform 2.0

FidentiaX (FDX) - Asia Conference

Matrix AI Network (MAN) - Listing on Hadax

Aion (AION) - Shanghai Meetup

NEM (XEM) - Beach Blockchain Conference

Solaris (XLR) - Listing on OOOBTC

Bytom (BTM) - Talk Fest AMA

Themis (GET) - Listing on Hadax

LightChain (LIGHT) - Livestream

Arcblock (ABT) - Listing on Kyber Network

Skrumble Network (SKM) - Listing on

Insights Network (INSTAR) - Listing on KKCoin

KickCoin (KICK) - Community AMA

Verge (XVG) - Listing on BiteBTC

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