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Bitcoin Will NEVER Gain Mass Adoption (video/podcast)

in bitcoin •  27 days ago

Didn't they use fear to convince people to hate Trump? I'm for free markets, for making government smaller and smaller. It is up to each of us to stop tyranny, increased taxes, regulations, red tape, the swamp, the corruptions, etc. People don't have to like Trump to love freedom. When people awake to the responsibility of taking care of freedom, they abandon their hobbies to fight for their children, their future.

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People will still say, Bitcoin will never gain mass adoption, when it reaches $1,000,000 a Bitcoin, I ignore the doom-mongers, and focus on delivering value. I gladly support Trump, and I am a bisexual woman, from the LGBT community. Sure, I may not agree on everything Trump does, I am, no fan of Pence, just Trump, but I agree on the majority of things Trump does.

I am for smaller government and raising money, by alternative means, like the government, buying tons of houses to rent out, to raise revenue for the government. Additionally, the government should get to work, buying airports, water utilities, power utilities, among many other purchasing decisions. The government should then, pass along the budget savings, the government has made, due to raising money by passive income. With the goal being, to lower taxation, with the eventual goal, being that all government functions, are run 100 percent free of taxation, with revenue raised, from passive income, and voluntary contributions only.



Would you rather have people pay a monopoly, like the government, for their power, water, utilities, or would you rather pick from a variety of free market power companies, water companies, etc?

Solar Power?

Would you rather have an option to maybe buy solar panels for your electricity, or water power, or other options?