Get Free Crypto Currency - Only HQ Projects Listed Here..

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Here is a new website i created that allows you to get tonnes of free crypto currency -

This website is a list of the good quality airdrops and free coin giveaways, only the HQ projects will be listed here.

There is of course new air drops every day, although after promoting around 50 of them myself i find very little of them pay.

Most of the air drops are scams to steal your information or steal your money.

So i created Free Crypto to list only the highest quality projects. Personally i am sick of promoting scams.. and im sure everyone is sick of signing up to these and receiving nothing.

Be sure to register for the email list here to get notified when new coins are available.

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Which Ico you posted in your Web site. So they send token in my ether wallet or in the Web site?

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All of the projects listed on are external projects, so you just click on the registration link and then create an account to get the free coins :)

Thanks! I bookmarked this one.


I hope it can be useful to you :)

Please vote for my posts again and read that might be useful for you

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