ELTCOIN Is Currently Selling At 6 Cents - Can This One Go 100X?

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Hi fellow steemians :)

Yesterday while i was doing research on new coins or tokens to invest into, i came across a very interesting token that i think has some really good potential, and thought i would share it with everyone here.

This token is called ELTCOIN.

Currently it's selling for 6 cents, although yesterday when i bought in it was 3 cents, so i have doubled my investment already.

Now there are a few reasons i invested into ELTcoin:

  1. New token, based on useful products and services. (ATM card)
  2. Low supply of tokens, 100M.
  3. Currently a penny stock, sitting at 6 cents, alot of room to move.
  4. Developer team is very active, and is creating many new services and functions on top of this system.
  5. This token is already listed on 5 exchanges, check the ELTCOIN homepage.
  6. Similar tokens are selling for $4 or more.

The main product is the ATM card, which is fully functional and ready to use.

I am told the team will be launching some new services and products soon. Applications can be built on top of this platform.

If the developer team starts adding new functions and services to this system, the price can only rise.

Let's take a look at the price chart over the last few days..


Since ELTCOIN is very new, the price is super cheap.

I have been hanging around the ELTcoin telegram channel, and the developer team is very active.. come check it out.

I will keep you guys posted on this one.. could be very interesting indeed :)

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Hi! friend i'm here and I read your post, it's really good information and thanks for share with us....


I hope this one does well :)