Bullish Crypto-News From Norway

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One of Norway's most intelligent investors, Ketil Skorstad, is starting up a crypto investment company with Norway’s best-known​​ expert on Bitcoin, Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, as investment manager

Mr. Skorstad has earned approximately 300 million NOK the last three year through his trading company Tigerstaden AS. The new investment company is called Arcane Crypto AS.

For me this is one of the most bullish news in a long time.

I have always been very interested in equities and traditional finance in general, but since I started following BTC & co., I have noticed that there is a huge gap between traditional finance and blockchain-finance. People from traditional finance rarely have any understanding of tech, whereas people in the cryptospace in general do not have so much understanding of traditional finance. The problem is that the Big Money need beacons from traditional finance before they are going to be comfortable moving huge money into this space.

People in traditional finance will certainly notice that such a solid investor is so bullish on blockchain: “2018 is the year for investing in crypto”
I would not be surprised if other bellwether investors, such as Stray-Spetalen, Haudeman or Fredly, will follow his lead. Norway is a small country, but if it is happening here, it is certainly happening everywhere.

I urge you to HODL your Steem tokens.

By @janusface

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Definitely Prof not only holding, but also collecting more STEEM might make us millionaires in next couple of years time! Thank you for this valuable news!


well fingers crossed the bear run might be stopping now time to go bullish all over : )

Positive sentiments all round. This period has given me time to accumulate crypto assets

I just wish the bears last for 1-2 more years... I haven't accumulated enough coins yet :D


Yes, I have to agree with you. A few years for picking up some cheap tokens, and then moon-lambos for everyone:)

I agree that it is wonderful news. This new association can establish cryptocurrencies as a real place where the Big Money can sink its assets.



I like this good news, I hope Blockchain has a good year in 2019, this year I did not like it very much, although it is good for new investors, $ 20,000 for Bitcoin was not great for those who had not yet climbed the train.


It rose too fast, but it is just a sign of an immature market/ asset class, leading to information asymmetry/ boom-bust-cycles. Hopefully,​ we can bring some financial metrics to this space soon and get some real crypto-analysts. As you can see from (https://www.blocktivity.info) Steem is very cheap according to the AVI-metric

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I have feeling that we bottomed in crypto already and that we're slowly starting to go up again. For a few weeks it's a lot of "good news" around the crypto space and that usually drives people in buying more. Regarding Norway, it might be a small country, but from my own short experience with it and some of the Norwegians I can say it has pretty much open minded and techie persons in it so when you come with such a news from there it can only be bullish.
Definitely agree with you when it comes to HODLing. Just HODL everything for now, but don't forget to take profits when you feel comfortable with that. The market has proved for many years that it goes towards the moon but it does that in waves and not in a straight line.
Keep up with the good work and steem on!


Yes, I agree that Norwegians are usually pretty early with applying new technologies. It is a good advice to take some profits. I regret I did not take some profits off the table in the last bull run. Thank you and Steem on!

I could say a lot, but I will just say that I hope so