The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto - 5 BTC Puzzle Updates - History and Clues to help solvers.

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Coin_artist on Twitter created a Bitcoin puzzle known as “The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto.”
According to her, the puzzle somehow consists of a key to a wallet that contained 4.87 bitcoin .

We see the wallet saw 0.125+ bitcoin was deposited, bringing the wallet’s total to 5 bitcoin!



Coin_Artist gives a new updated higher quality image link on Twitter


Motherboard Vice publishes a story about puzzle and highlighting some private key vulnerabilities.

The pastebin link attached was created on 11/29/2017 stating that a SHA256 encoding exploit could recover keys. Which is just one way a hacker could get into your wallet if it was not secure enough. The poster claims he had stolen 9 bitcoin . Then it leaves us with a strange hash at the end.



  • .001337 was added to the 5 BTC prize at 1FLAMEN6rq2BqMnkUmsJBqCGWdwgVKcegd

1 BTC = 17981.85 USD at the time of writing this article. (12/15/2017)
5x18000= 90,000 USD

Almost a soon to be $90,000 Crypto Puzzle!!!!


We got a few more new hint's with a couple new images for the 1Flamen6 Puzzle and a message.

This tweet says the following:

Whereupon it made this threne
To the Phoenix and the Dove,
Co-supremes and stars of love,
As chorus to their tragic scene:

[This is from The Phoenix and the Turtle]

Then attached is the 2 images below.



Active solvers notice the 13 Points on the females head and the 4 on the mans head as well as the first image is from Robert Chester's ‘Love's Martyr/Rosalins Complaint'


Here is some extra information to help you solve the puzzle below.

We keep seeing the numbers "347" everywhere and in "1337 speak" that means "EAT"

(Breaking Down Bitcoin) Puzzle Solving Area with clues.

A very informative and active forum post with a lot of hints and clues and people working on things.

We can see here from the past that some hashes was decoded to Cayse & Blanco which seems to lead to the curse of the oak island treasure.

A discord group has a dedicated thread at the "1337 Headquarters" which appear to be getting some more traction on this puzzle with a community maybe the reason why we are finally seeing more updates. Thank you 1337 puzzle solvers and whoever was the anonymous donation of 0.001337 ! On that note -that leaves you to speculate some things. It seems like it was the time to cue the veil to drop and the lights to expose some things you all been needing to know.


We'll that's about it for now and there has been way too many 1337 things are going on. I'm not so sure everything needed now isn't such a secret that was hidden before. Which means the cat (or should I say lion) is outta the bag on a lot of things which is good and I wish you all good luck with the 1FLAMEN Puzzle and other crypto games and puzzles!

[Lov3's M4r7yr]


Did I just blow your mind some?



It was finally solved!!!!