LIGHTNING vs TANGLE vs HASHGRAPH vs NANO - Programmer explains

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Let's discuss the differences between the Lightning Network, Tangle and Hashgraph. Sometimes when I talk or do videos about the Lightning Network I get similar questions, namely people want to know if it's similar to Tangle and Hashgraph. Some have even asked if Lightning is a ripoff from Tangle. Let's discuss!

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Im getting more and more interested in investing in nano... it already has payment integration APIs for accepting online payments like paypal buy it now buttons
It can be integrated directly into wordpress or other CMS systems or even apps on mobiles etc. for accepting nano and redirecting the user to the required product download/service page automatically which I believe is lacking in all other crypto currencies.


"It can be integrated directly into wordpress or other CMS systems or even apps on mobiles etc. for accepting nano"

I didn't realize they had APIs for that, good catch! Makes me feel even better about starting to browser mining it!

wow really amazing ... just got another videos of your amazing i always love yours videos since i followed you thanks for sharing

well thanka alot for the prommining explanation i am really glad following and sir i am excited to learn and more from you so please do more than 2 posts daily @ivanli regards your student @akashhassan

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couldnt be explained better than this..i would always mix up them all

Thanks for sharing such an amazing knowledge with us all.

thanks alot sir for sharing such an knowledgeful post i am really glade to be here on your post and yeah start following you!

Lightning for the W

Thanks a lot for the video.

Brings clarity behind all those concepts.

Thank you for your very good content. In addition to the technology with all its advantages and disadvantages, we should always remember, especially for pay-coins, that the acceptance points and the community play a major role. That's why I think Bitcoin with Lightning will be in advantage for a long time. IOTA will probably have mainly its application for highway toll and parking fees.

The nice thing about your post is that you explain things and even someone who has no idea about these things,he can also learn.which is very good.
It was a very nice example the way you connected lighting with the coffees.
i think everyone who saw the video must know what is going on now
Thanks for all those info

super !

@ivanli thanks a lot for explaining so well I'm a qualified computer engg you really have better knowledge then my 65 years old teachers who are teaching the same things but yet are not able to explain things properly and you everytime I see your videos or read your blogs I learn a lot ... Keep it up bro!!

Thank you for your great content!
Your simplified explanations help me a lot understanding blockchain and crypto.
Looking forward to your next video :)

brilliantly explained..
followed you for more such post @ivanli

Lightning is perhaps the most important protocol innovation happening in the cryptocurrency space right now. When bitcoin's lightning network comes online fully, any community not preparing scalable off-chain solutions is going to get left in the payments dust." While as IOTA i guess is not a blockchain and it has got no transaction fees
Hashgraph is a data structure and consensus algorithm that is fast, secure and fair. And buzz is that hasgraph is patented.

Thank you for this explanation @ivanli. I've been trying to wrap my head around the concept of the Lightning Network and all the differences. Now it makes sense.

nice post.great job.

thanks man your videos help me understand new things about crypto that I never knew.Loved the lightning network concept

thanks for the information sir... it is really helpful for me... 👍

Thank you for giving some of us such information it helps us alot wow i had very little idea on all that you are talking about and now atleast i cant make a wrong decision because i have more information i keep learning new things everyday. Steemit for us to learn # steemit forever

Good post. Tangle is another big project within the new tech. Tangle will be usefull for future and more advanced devices. My humble opinion

Great video, as always! Thanks.

great summary vid on differences .. I get it now... thank you

Such a valuable post it pains me to only be able to offer a penny as reward. Thank you!

Is IOTA starting the new BIG wave right now?