Complexity of bitcoin mining reached a new maximum against the background of a record hash rate.

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This Sunday there was another recalculation of the complexity of mining in the bitcoin network, as a result of which the value has reached a new absolute maximum.

According to, on block 649 152 complexity increased by 11.35% to 19.31 T. Previous record was set on August 24 at 17.56 T.

Such a significant increase was the result of the high speed of addition of blocks to the previous section. According to, during the last two weeks one block was added on average once every 8 minutes 59 seconds at a target value of 10 minutes. The complexity tuning mechanism is designed to correct deviations from the norm by changing the requirements for the calculations performed by the miners. data show that the estimated average bitcoin hash rate for 7 days continues to grow. It now stands at over 143 EH/s, also at new highs, and recently exceeded 153 EH/s.

At the same time, the bitcoin market is traded at about $11,000, having risen by 4% over the week after the level of $12,000 dropped.

"While the attention of Twitter users is drawn to the wonders of the space of decentralized finance, bitcoin miners are steadily connecting more and more ASIC-devices," - writes analyst Zack Voell.

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