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RE: The best way to track your crypto-portfolio

in #bitcoin4 years ago

New crypto trading manager on the 'block' - Track A

Key differences:

  • Set price targets per coin to keep track of all open orders.
  • Track trades with any paring (i.e. An ERC20 token you bought in ETH and sold in WAVES, you don't need to convert!).
  • Dynamic linking to pertinent websites for quick analysis and exchange entry.

Other features include Innovative watchlist dashboard, spreadsheet-like views allow as much or as little info as you want, no security concerns via anonymity and manual entry, super easy to use. A true one-page web app, no modals or other complications. Works on any device, best on desktop for detailed info, or mobile browsers for casual use.


Sounds awesome ! I'll check it out

@influx, finally done ! Make sure to check the new post

Nice seeing TrackACoin with the 'big dogs'. They keep adding new features so surly one to watch!