NEOGAME - Change The Standard For All Bets Through Business

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What Is NeoGame

Neogame change gambling principles throughout the industry. The gambling business has always been based on "house edge" – the principle that the casino or organizer always has the advantage. With the advent of blockchain technology, there is no longer any need for organizers – people can gamble without Intermediaries and claim their winnings without paying commission. Neogame is designed to disrupt the for-profit model of gambling, Betting fixation and issue betting is an overall social issue, and this venture is that intended to battle against flippant betting. At the point when the world betting business sector changes over to a philanthropic model, no one will pursue up betting addicts any longer. This is their push to improve the world an and more joyful place.

NeoGame Features

Decentralised organisation
Neogame is not subject to any jurisdiction. The project is not a commercial enterprise, has no owners, conducts no economic activities, and receives no profit. Neogame is organized without a management, and all transactions are based on the rules and algorithms embodied in the smart contract.


No jurisdiction
Neogame operates as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). The legal status of such organisations is not regulated by most legislations, although a number of similarly organised projects operate successfully on the cryptocurrency market. No economic activity Neogame is not a company and will not conduct any
economic activities. Making a profit and using business opportunities are not goals of the project and are impossible according to its nature.

Fully Autonomous
Based on Ethereum smart contracts, the lottery will exist as long as blockchain exists. It doesn’t need centralized management, it will just gather funds from tickets sold and distribute them all among winners according to a fair and clear algorithm. Neogame will not serve any beneficiaries: nobody has access to its funds other than by correctly guessing WINNING lottery numbers.


TKT Tokens

Ticket Token (TKT) - which depends on the Ethereum blockchain. Ticket Tokens are utility tokens & are issued based on the ERC20 standard, and TKT Token is good with any wallet that supports the token controlled by Ethereum. This allows the task to work uninterruptedly and inclusively on the blockchain Ethereum, autonomous from several other external factors.

Token Details & Allocation

Name: TKT
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Price: 0.0005 ETH
Softcap: 4000 ETH
Hardcap: 200000 ETH


Project Timeline

So Thats All For This Article I hope you guys find this ico intresting I have attached the neogame social media links below to ask any questions about the project.

Neogame website:





Ticket Token smart contract:

Token sale smart contract:

Draft of the lottery smart contract5:

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