will BTC lead you out of the next economy recession

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If you are fed up with the US-China trade war, don't skip this post! Because yoy may lose the real valuable information in the news rush and sentiments on the propaganda.

The US President slapped a new 10% tariff on a further $300 billion in Chinese imports labelling China as “currency manipulator” after the country responded by lowering the Yuan to a 10-year low.

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And no one is speculating this to stay here, there would be more from both sides; a serious war between two major world economy giants can result in many things:

  • economic recession
  • devaluation of stocks
  • real estate market crash

but I want to mention this: Gold prices and alternatively, Bitcoin

Gold shot up to its all time highs during the 2008 financial crisis in response to worries that the United States would default on its debt. Overall many believe When gold prices are high, the economy is in crisis or inflation. When they're low, the economy is healthy.

This isn't a new thing; After the 1929 stock market crash, many investors started redeeming fiat money for its value in gold. The U.S. Treasury worried that the United States might run out of gold. part of Nixon's decision for detachment of Gold and USD value was sourced from this event.

Gold/BTC correlation; possible or irrelevant?

I prefer to say irrelevant, but I can't ignore the fact there are common causes for their dramatic price changes, which one is world's economy uncertainty.

Bitcoin has proven it gains value each time traders see global risk on assets like stocks and fiat hedges when worries of global recession is on the horizon.

So your BTC holdings may play a vital role in leading you out of the next recession. But this should be also noticed if a recession occurs and stays for a long period of years, a heavy crash in such communities prices will be probable, as struggling hodlers may try to liquidate them to save their more important assets under debts, like mortgage houses.

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Economic recession, devaluation of stocks, real estate market crash? We have and had it all so I am not afraid of it.

The USA is bankrupt since years and printing dollars, China is doing the same and in Europe it is not different.

Many countries are bankrupt, kept up and still keeping up appearances since over 15 years. No one can pay back loas, not the common people, no government in the world. The amount of loans the Netherlands finally gave to other countries are countless, just the common people bleed for it.

As far as I see it each country has to take steps to stimulate their own economy, buy own products first and invest in themselves first. You cannot spend money which is not yours!

I do not believe BTC will be saving the world, the way people and governments waste money, neither will gold.

If we go on like this worldwide we all end up like in Venezuela. No power, back to basics... living on the streets.


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i mean btc and gold may save individuals from drowning... thanks for your comment 👍🏼🙏🏼

Aha than I misunderstood and I think you are saver with btc. Ever tried to sell your gold? They don't even give you 20 % of the price it is worth it, although it is not said if you can lay hands on your btc in times if need.

You are welcome 💕

i hold gold positions, let's say hedge fund. in the long run it has always paid off great

Dear @honarparvar

I can tell you with ownership I will continue to see the bulls from afar.
that new tariff rate will continue to apply it because he realized that he was at a disadvantage with respect to the American economy, against the Chinese economy, everyone says that they are a developing country which is not the case, and probably what I am going to To say that despite the fact that I am not a Republican, I can see Trump winning again in the next elections, muschos do not like them but those who run the economy do like Trump to repeat.

With respect to the BTC of him we can only expect changes that I don't like at all, because as I understand it and I can wish that the other currencies should not be linked to the BTC if it falls or if it rises in the market.

Greetings friend.

regarding your last paragraph, I think crypto need huge new blood to let btc be part of it, not the engine of it.
new blood is new adopters and new projects

Many analysts agree that the price of the BTC is due to politics.

So why does the BTC go up and down and not over 12,000?

Because I guess one way to protect yourself is to get the BTC to raise its price. Isn't that so?

btc is still away from a real free market. there are too many manipulation down there. the market cap is not that big to avoid such manipulations

That's a shame

I've been following that news about China and the US from an EU point of view. I'm French, and as you know, we're the next in line for the trade war with the US, about wine says the POTUS.

Well so be it. In that political conflict, I stand by my point of view that victory all boils down to the country that will have the most ways out anyways.

For as much as I hate bitcoin (or rather as I hate how all of the other cryptocurrencies are dictated their price's up and down by bitcoin), I think that it's one of those ways out that countries shall take to make it to a real "more open economy".

Future Media Vision project bases itself on two cryptocurrencies, Steem and Ark, and it's not for nothing: it's because of its transparency that will attract more and more people who are indeed fed up with "political ways of money," and simply wish for a more neutral one, where their mind doesn't have to be that much in guard.

Still, to achieve that, I guess that we really need to to make the scams more identifiable in the global landscape of crypto, so that people can be more at ease.

BTC is not dictating altcoins to fluctuate, it's us, adopters who target BTC to invest in and part of that money cones from our altcoins hodlings...

Dear @honarparvar

I would love to be fed up with that trade war, but it seem to be escalating so fast and so wildly that I found it just to important not to follow.

after the country responded by lowering the Yuan to a 10-year low.

Wouldn't you think that it will be very expensive for china to maintain such a low price level? They will surely start bleeding out very rapidly.

I'm seriously scared of possible cold war between those two countries. Cold war comes down to rulling your own population with fear.


China has it’s own (state) cryptocurrency almost ready, furthermore, do not forget about the brics and silk road initiatives. Look behind the news and you see that states are already preparing for the next global recession. After 08 the world was bankrupt, we are living in an inflated bubble that is ready to pop, and when it does ... crypto is the answer. Also the dystopian orwellian dream for population control.

totally agree with you
about China's tolerance on manipulating its currency, their economic system is very closed so it helps them do so! such a control feak governors 😁

We are going to see what might happen. ;)

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Hi @chesatochi

Is there any chance I could DM you? Do you use telegram? or discord? I've some questions I wanted to ask you (outside blockchain).


I think Gold and BTC are the best places to have your money at this point in time. The dollar is going to crush other currencies, but the US retirement system is going to collapse leaving the Boomers to sleep in the terrible bed they've made.

thanks for your time and comment
i do agree with you