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Bitcoin chart is in a messed up choppy side way for many days now.
One probability for those who believe in Elliot Wave analysis is we are in a corrective wave 4. for those who look for fractals it may sound different.... and what about those who look at the volume?


I have mentioned two zones, where in the first we had a massive drop and in the second we were in the middle of nice bull run.
and the in latest candles of the chart we are what we are now!

the point is you can see there has been good support from the market in the first zone, and good momentum in the second zone to support the reversal trend. but at the moment, it's been a while we haven't seen any interest to buy in or selling off. seems this side way range price, doesn't interest anyone.

Well, risking your money is not very sweet, but I have bought some of my account around $9270 and I'm expecting $9890 in a week, max.

let's see what will happen and we will update this.

I may republish my posts on other blogging services which I'm a member, always with the same username: @honarparvar

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volume is bo doubt going down and the market is stagnant at one position. normally the market falls after such a situation. but the crypto market has been good fo last few months, so we might see an increase in price after this beak

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