Bitcoin's Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset Model by PlanB

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if you are interested in price analysis methods which are out of the box and not according what the majority follow, Stock to flow model is out there right for you!

The original BTC S2F model is a formula based on monthly S2F and price data. Since the data points are indexed in time order, it is a time series model. This model has activated quantitative analysts around the world. Many have verified the non-spurious relationship between S2F and BTC price.

PlanB or more famous for their nickname, 100trillionUSD, which refers to their projection of Bitcoin's market cap in future, first published this method on medium. you can read the original post here


S2FX model is not only for Bitcoin, but it enables valuation of different assets like silver, gold and BTC with one formula. based on this calculation the price of one bitcoin should reach $288,000 by the end of 2024.

the purpose of this post is to introduce a completely different method of btc price forecast and this is not kind of buy or sell signal. in another post I will write about btc price forecast using correlation ratio between BTC and Gold or BTC and DJI (Dow Jones Index)

the source for image and the idea: and also PlanB twitter account

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