CNBC is a Crypto FUD Factory.

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Have You Seen What CNBC is Publishing About Bitcoin?

Like a trojan horse CNBC has moved into the Cryptocurrency news space! When I first started seeing their content surrounding the subject of Crypto I had a feeling they had nefarious intentions.

Check out some of the CNBC Crypto headlines and articles.

Bitcoin drops 11% as South Korea moves to regulate cryptocurrency trading.

Once the cryptocurrency bubble bursts, there may be real innovation and a solid valuation case for many coins.

Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain.

A bitcoin implosion could 'spill over' into stock market, warns Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey.

Bitcoin is a 'dicey investment' — why one veteran gold analyst predicts it could burn a lot of investors.


Be Very Wary of Anything Associated with Wall Street and the Banksters.

2017 was the year that Bitcoin grabbed the attention of the same people that have caused every boom and bust cycle for the last century. When they announced that the CME, CBOE and others were adding Bitcoin Futures I was not cheering like the majority of Crypto enthusiasts. I was not thrilled earlier in the year when everyone was hoping for the Bitcoin ETF approval. You see, when you let Wall St. and their greed infect the CryptoCurrency space they will do their best to manipulate the Crypto markets in order to profit.

They have shown how careless they can be in the past. I was living in Tampa, Florida when the housing market collapsed. I also lived through the Dotcom bubble. These people only care about one thing, Profit! If we don't watch out we will be just pawns in their game of greed.

What I am Doing.

I have put a large portion of my Crypto assets in altcoins. This opens my portfolio up to more volatility but I am ok with it. I will constantly remind the community to be vigilant about the Trojan Horse that is being let in the front door by unknowing Crypto enthusiasts. Many of the people that have joined us in 2017 are only here to make a quick profit and those are exactly the types of people Wall Street and their CNBC Crypto buddies prey on.

The CryptoCurrency Community in 2017.



Government hard at work again. Yeah lets not talk about the massive 5,000% gains or the real world cases that have been used for crypto.

government of morocco specially Moroccan Banks want to stop buying and selling bitcoin huh

thanks for upvote

in our country is another story
bitcoin is not recognized again a legitimate exchange tool

I don't buy the idea that this is government (central bank) sponsored propaganda. This is a media outlet pandering to their audience's emotions. Think about who their audience is. Mainstream media is a safe haven for people who are afraid of change and predominantly want stability. These articles serve to support the traditional investors are right to avoid cryptos. Their audience wants as much negative information about cryptos so they can accept that they don't suffer from FOMO... let alone the fear of not understanding blockchain.

Do I trust Wall Street?

Thank you for stopping by Grant!

Hi @hilarski,

It is the matter of fact the Media is the most basic institution of any society.It can change the thoughts of the mass within no time. They way CNBC is propagating negations among mass; shows a clear message to even a layman that someone else is behind this whole game.

It is basically a war among BTC and BANKERS and bankers are trying to stop the influence of BTC through hook or by crook.
Here is my prediction and words that the coming age is of Crypto's age. None care dare to challenge it's storm and technology in anyway.
You mentioned one more thing in your blog ;

I will constantly remind the community to be vigilant about the Trojan Horse that is being let in the front door but unknowing Crypto enthusiasts. Many of the people that have joined us in 2017 are only here to make a quick profit and those are exactly the types of people Wall Street and their CNBC Crypto buddies prey on.

These lines are actually of very deep meaning and #steemians get some lesson through this piece of advise.

Thanks for making the steemians aware of this thing.

My support and best wishes are always with you

Stay Blessed :)

You gave the tactic, now what CNBC can do. Excellent article~

Thank you for reminding me. Although the year for Bitcoin was the most interesting. But they should not be disheartened.

I still think they do not realize what bitcoin is capable of , 2018 will show it all

Yikes, they think they know enough to write about it... Error, yeah right.

Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain.

Good research right there. Several cases of non-crypto applications is being undertaken. Out of all, I can name Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, whom has begun doing research in this field. It may not be complete, but federal implementation takes time, we all know that.

CNBC , bank and govt. are always against cryptos....

The media and the Government are the right and left arm of the banksters....that is why.

They both do the bidding for them.

It is a wonderful trio of lies, misdirection, and slavery.

Any publicity is good publicity... How hard CNBC is trying to create fear in the minds of people, it is turning out to be the opposite and many are becoming crypto-investors.

The media is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the banksters.

CNBC is negative on the entire crypto market...attacking it at every opportunity. At the end of the day, the blockchain is going to destroy the banksters and there isnt a thing they can do about it. When the Internet beats on your industry's door, you are cooked.

Even the banksters cant fight the power of the Internet. In two years, they will be hurting a great deal is my prediction.

Thank you for reminding me. Although the year for Bitcoin was the most interesting. But they should not be disheartened.

Wall street is trying to manipulate bitcoin now but over time there will be a LOT of dead attempts. You will never "regulate" bitcoin from the true holders.As soon as you try, someone will immediately launch one with the exact parameters of the original outside state control.

They might be able to manipulate Bitcoin and even control it to some degree via purchasing.

However, they will not be able to do that with cryptocurrency in general. There is simply too much going on for them to stop it.

Plus decentralization is going to be the preferred method of operation in the future. The banksters do not like that.

bitcoin is unstoppable

tnx for bitcoin

Cnbc is definitely a FUD factory. From reading or watching anything associated with traditional financial markets, they almost all seem to be FUD factories.

True! I have unfollowed them since .. keep seeing all those terrible news about bitcoin, dun wanna wake up and see that the whole day .. hehe

This is a great strategy, part of the money is good to have in the altcoin

so they are the ones who spreads FUD

Bitcoin is here to stay

They want to buy cheap bitcoin as jp morgan everybody now that cryptos are the future no just as a coin look the technology of new alts. Regards

They are late to the party so now want to buy it cheaper ;)

hahah they will keep doing this for their profits

Yep, right now altcoins can have much impressive growth than Bitcoin, this is because of the big difference in market cap I think :)

This is a great information. The bincoint is so big. Have a good day @hilarski

this post very nice...bitcoin is the great..

Watching Cnbc wont help your understanding of the world. Just your understanding of their latest propaganda

BITCOIN is the king of crytocurrency.
Thank you for giving valuable CNBC news. Bankers always try to down BTC market. But BTC going his own way.


Such a very import bitcoin information. thanks @hilarski
Thais post.

Upvote Resteem

My Amazon stock holding boss, is convinced BTC is going to zero in 5 years.....Cause CNBC told her, lol

I also moved to ALTS like STEEM, BTS! I don't know whether BTC is a bubble or not, but I hate continuous forks and power drops like an air drops! So, better we stay at ALTs while those dramas end!
Great strategy you shared today, we must secure our funds, no matter it's BTC or ALT, we must secure our funds!


Hey bro.. FB Chat ekata waren machan poddak..

Excellent article / Have You Seen What CNBC is Publishing About Bitcoin?/ good publicity..
good info sir.

i read your post...very good information have this post...really very nice content about cryptocurrency.i just learn this post about cryptocurrency..

You've got great decision. put a large portion of my Crypto assets in ALTs better thing. So low some risk condition. Bankers, governments and CNBC at all always against to BTC. But BTC is better crypto currency I think.

Great strategy and cryptocurrency expert .thanks for the information @hilarski

CNBC Always publish bogus news about Crypto. So I thik that don't worry about Bitcoin and others Crypto @hilarski.

Bitcoin now goin up .

2017 years was the honey-moon year for bitcoin, now time to go on moon!

Congratulations @hilarski
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

Exceptional advice, CNBC can't come after all, they did a worst thing, but BTC is unstoppable...!!!

20% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

I am a member of the Steemit community and it is the only source of income for me so I will not give up. I will double my efforts several times. I will only spend the nights working.
And my greetings to all you were glowing

time for war cnbc get ready for trolls

cnbc why you do this bro :(

Its very rare they talk anything more than the price action. Nothing about the fundamentals or how about apps like Steemit that have forever changed social media

Seems so odd to me. Wait that is exactly what they want people to care about.

Or what most people only care about price. Most people buy after the money has already been made or the good news already came out. CNBC is the just the pump up or down, extreme either way. They get bullish, HODL or sell. They get bearish time to be adding or buying new position. Literally the day BTC hit $20,000 people were harassing me how to buy it or wishing they had it. Now that we had a big correction and probably a bigger one coming, few are interested. Then they complain b/c they don't have any at cheaper prices. Humans - a funny species ;-)

Excellent post.thanks for sharing

"Bitcoin drops 11% as South Korea moves to regulate cryptocurrency trading."

Probably next year Bitcoin market will be drop down. I totally agree with you @hilarski. Bitcoin is a greatest return investment before, But now it would be changing. Always dipping. But cannot predict about that.
I think BTC will be great in coming up next year. BTC trust yet me. another medias said i don't mind.

Thanks for the information. this is great post

Thanks @hilarski
Have a great day

I totally agree, however I’m certain tha crypto needs to get rid of all speculators, once it does it will go way way higher, until then prepare for huge pull back.

CNBC is a Crypto FUD Factory. is great topic and very useful info.
thanks for sharing

100% like and resteem

they play with our money dammm

Hey dearest @hilarski I respect your thoughts. As you always come with the updates those are purely benefited for the community.
#CNBC is a very reputable organisation (According to my poor knowledge). But these news showed their nefarious intentions clearly.
I guess this is very much possible that BANKS have funded CNBC for these types of Fake news.
But even then spreading negativity against BTC, they will accept the power of BTC one day. The flood of people will ruin them soon.
All the best for the future of #cryptocurrency and all the best for your good stuff my friend @hilarski, keep sharing real stuff and Stay Blessed!

Fox ran a headline the other day that was like "BTC Crashes to 3Y Low," and I was like SWEET!!! let's go buy a pile of $300 BTCs!! Turns out Fox was full of shit. Whatever "3Y" means to them, it's not "3 year". FAKE NEWS! Also find it funny how everyone who told me it was a scam now wants to buy. Yeah folks, buy after it goes up 1000%! Smart!! Go with the herd! :-P

Turns out Fox was full of shit

This often applies to Fox and all the mainstream media.

I hate FOX, CNN, CNBC, MSN, Rachel Maddow (she used to be decent..), Andy Cooper (also used to be decent, probably decent people w/ shitty employers IMHO), Kimmel (same), etc. All old media shit-shows IMHO. I'd rather watch a LOL stream, LOL! Mainstream media sucks. A lot of alt-media sucks, too. I try to go for primary sources, but they're getting harder and harder to find. Prosecuted (not the same as persecuted..) more and more. Real journalism is dangerous. People hate dangerous these days. I really felt it w/ Fox tho because I thought BTC actually crashed hard, bit the dirt to $300/coin. I was ready to throw $20k at it. Then I saw they were full of shit. Got my hopes up!!

Now that is funny!

Whosoever stood in the way of Bitcoin, had to fall. BTC has been rising till date and it's just a beginning. Can't see it hit the $25000 mark in January 2018. Will sound like a punch in the face of CNBC and all others like it.

Same here in Bulgaria. All media blame the crypto world and especially the bitcoin as an evil. But their arguments are so naive!!!

What amazing me is how little they actually know about the crypto in general. They don't even seem to get how it works. The average Steemian could be a guest host and do a better job. As the interest in crypto grows it's as if they are desperate for content, but they don't really know what they're talking about.

so much FUD in so little world

wow thanks for sharing this they have huge impact on the crypto world

CNBC where is trump time to call him FAKE NEWS

I also read somewhere that the Twitter marketer for CNBC had invested in BCH and boosted its price from $1800 to $4400 in less than 24 hours the same day when the founder of Litecoin transferred all his Litecoins into BCH. So, like you I too have been looking at CNBC posts with a critical angle. They are mainstream media and an advocate of centralized money advocate, so we can expect nothing good from them.

Thanks for really valuable post. I appreciate it @hilarski. Shared.

Steem On!

It sure did not seem ethical. People got railroaded.

Yeah they were really touting BCH big time.

It appears they got into bed with that.

To me, this exemplifies the threat that BTC poses....they banksters know it has the name and are going to do anything they can to knock it off. To many, the crypto space is Bitcoin.

Pushing BCH and having the masses lose their asses in BTC would give them a great talking point...see crypto is a scam and you will lose all your money.

I have heard some of the MSM information and from what I listened to they don't know even the basics.

fud store need to be close soon

thanks for information on cnbc.

Fuch the speculation and other filthy news fud.
They are dying anyway, no one read that sht anymore.

The article about there not being a use for blockchain is ridiculous. There are plenty of uses for it that are quite useful.

Dam Straight!

Sir, I want to talk to you personally. How to say?

This is the first time I have posted about cnbc bitcoin on your blog thank you for giving such a blog

Very good post sir .thanks for post.

seeing this daily they keep spreading the negativity

I totaly agree with you thank you so much @hilarski

resteemed ;)

Thank you dear @hilarski for share this vary informative post about crypto. Government hard at work again. I think the real world cases that have been used for crypto.

That is excellent post . helpful information

For your post propagation.


Government hard at work again. Yeah lets not talk about the massive 5,000% gains or the real world cases that have been used for crypto.

Bitcoin is so much important in nowdays and in future its value will rises up more. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable news with us.


Stopped watching tv myself 2 years ago. It was a process and didn't happen at once. But if I try to watch now I can't. I just don't like being lied to!
It is programming! It is all fake! Just like you knew wrestling was fake as a kid but you still watched.

do you know where btc will stop????????its a great things to think

I thought ABCNBCBS was a FUD factory.
They just happened to start reporting about cryptos recently.

latest news Cnbc

wow very helpful info

Good post sir
I really like

Free publicity!!!

totally agree with you sir..but can we trust wall street? anyway thanks for sharing these facts with us..i was not aware about most of the things before..but thanks to you now i understand them

although the year for Bitcoin turned into the maximum interesting. but they should no longer be disheartened.The media is not anything extra than the mouthpiece for the banksters.

great post bro resteem done

Thanks for your post..

good job.keep it up :)

I like your term "game of greed". This will be a tough year 2018 with all the people coming on board. We will definitely see more frauds and falling coins.

Really good post

bitcoin best

It would be nice to one day be able to Master Trading Options. One can buy sell puts and calls and strategies to make money whether price goes up or down. That's essentially what CBOE, CME opens up. So I'm not surprised to see price fluctuate. I believe it is a good thing because look at ALTS today. BTC goes down, ADA, ETH, EFF, NEO, STRAT, go up. Steady gains. It takes some work to be in the right place at the right time. I am still taking my lumps and learning. But hopefully down the road steemit will help as a day job. I've started a new Steemit Magazine. I look to keep it published twice a week. Mondays and Maybe Thursdays and along with a mix of Steemit Experience, I hope to include helpful financial observations from more experienced investors such as yourself. I left a link on one of your other posts if you wanted to check it out or not. No worries, simply saying thanks for these sorts of updates that clarify what the Mainstream media attempts to distort. They will bash crypto, meanwhile their own financial advisors or investors will be playing the options game and benefitting off the fluctuations in price.

CNBC is probably being financed by people that wants to short bitcoin...
That is the only explanation i can find :(

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good article & useful information about CNBC FUD news. They are doing a very bad thing.


Nice post .upvote and resteem sir.thanks

Great post there, keep up good work !

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