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We are in Talks to Open a Bitcoin Embassy in the Heart of Casco Antiguo, Panama.

While we were at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference, laBITconf, Ira Miller of Git Guild, Anabell Hilarski and I talked about the possibility of opening a Bitcoin Embassy like the laBITconf team has in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A location where like-minded crypto currency enthusiasts can meet, learn, educate and conduct business.

Why Panama?

Panama is the banking and commerce center for Central and South America. What better place to set up a Bitcoin Embassy. Panama is also a great location for events. We have plenty of activities for tourism, modern infrastructure and we are also a hub for air travel.

Yesterday Ira reached out to me with his plans. Of course things can change but when Ira puts his mind to something it comes to fruition.

Bitcoin Embassy Panama Amenities.

  • Cafe and Restaurant
  • Crypto Teller Machine (CTM)
  • Private bar and rooftop lounge
  • Private workshops and server room
  • Technical events and classes

What Does a Bitcoin Embassy Mean to $200 Social?

As a founding member we will use the space for events and meetings. The proximity to other crypto currency teams like Dash can't be underrated. Over the last few years most of our meetings have been conducted at each others homes, at coffee shops or in third party offices.

As many of you know we want $200 Social to be the social media company to the decentralized economy. What better way to spread the good news of crypto currencies than to have a location where people can come learn, use and mingle with some of the pioneers of Bitcoin.

As part of the Steemit team $200 Social will educate the world about Steemit and the power of blockchain based social media.

What This Means for You.

You will have a location in Panama where you can meet with other crypto currency enthusiasts. You will have a location to securely purchase Bitcoin using the Tigo CTM that will be on the premises. The cafe and restaurant will have full wifi capabilities so you can conduct your meetings. On top of all that you get to mingle with us!

If you are interested in being a founder of the Panama Bitcoin Embassy please contact me.

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Love this idea! Let me know how i can assist. Thank you Randy.

i will get there soon, count me in i beleive in the cryptocurrency movement.

I look forward to meeting you. Great things are happening here.

Fantastic idea!

We think so to. It is time that there was a visible crypto presence in this country. This way it is positive and we get to influence the direction.


What is required to be a founder? It all sounds great and I would love to help, I'm just not sure I have the means to currently.

I will let you know as it progresses. The basic requirement is a one year commitment to help with the rent which is high due to the location.

I see. Well, this is something I'm sure a lot of people will want to support so hopefully enough people will be committed that it will bring the amount needed from each supporter down. I would certainly be willing if there is not a high minimum. Anyway, I can't wait to hear more. Keep doing what you're doing, we need you out there.

Thank you Justin, we can change the world with this tech.

Great idea! I would use it, when I am in Panama.

If it works in Buenos Aires, I know it will work here. ; )

Great idea, I wish I could do more, in general and to help you with things like this, in specific. You guys are really #SteeminOn - there is no doubt. RS and UV for you. This is kind of exciting.

Believe me you do enough. Just keep being an ambassador for Steemit. I hope that someday soon Steemit becomes the conversation hub for everything crypto.

Thanks Randy, keep me in the loop, even by PM if you like on developments. If the accident had not happened, I would be in a better spot.

dont know to much about bitcoin till now but it has always been obvious that panama will be a haven for bitcoin

It sure is and will be well into the future. Panama is one of the worlds freest markets. As long as that continues I imagine more and more crypto startups will move here.

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Thank you for stopping by @Screenname.

That looks like a very good sign for crypto-currency :)

I hope they start popping up all over the world.

Great news!
We could gladly help donating a few Torguen Smart Locks (you might have seen those at LABitConf)

You guys were the best!! I can't wait until the nest laBITconf. Sounds like a great way to display the tech.

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YES! Would love to hear if there's an update on this, Randy.

Panama has bitcoin ATMs everywhere now, but other than the meetups, a central place to hub all of this would be AMAZING.

I'd be there every other day.