Bitcoin Don't Care Mr. Trump!

in bitcoin •  3 months ago  (edited)
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Lol. He is funny

This is great news, Trump usually says 2 things that all the politicians say, and the third one will be something to revolutionize and implement his vision... I think this might be the first of three affirmations from Trump towards acceptance of crypto.

Haha, I can't stop thinking how funny it is to mention illegal activity as a differentiator from the US Dollar.

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It’s reverse psychology 😂😂😂

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I don't understand why are all the governments lobbying against Cryptos. Are they scared that their fiat will not have enough value or is their concern genuine.

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That makes logical sense.

Some of those words seem too long for him. Maybe his banker friends helped

Cold, Stone Cold!! The Cheeto has been taken to the cleaners.

hahah trump shilling about his own coin usd lol


Bitcoin has its own mind and cares less what political leaders think.

If I am able to use cryptocurrencies to buy products, then it is a form of money. Liquidity, fungibility, and volatility certainly vary, but they still have value for many people.

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lol is he trying to pump bitcoin??

Sarcasm level up. He is so funny.

lol I think it is great to see a tweet like that. Crypto community replies are hilarious.