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It is Wonderful to See the Work of the Panama Bitcoin Community Getting Recognition on Bitcoin.Com.

Thank you @SterlinLuxan for the excellent article. "Blockchain Embassy Opens for Business in Panama City."

There has long been talk about opening a Bitcoin Embassy in Panama but Jorge Farias actually did it. The amount of people stopping by for a visit is quite amazing. So many people walking by decide to stop in and ask about Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other crypto currencies. On Thursday nights the Blockchain Embassy has a meetup where they spend time teaching some aspect of blockchain technology.


Panama is a Hub of Blockchain Technology.

Our friend Adrian Scott a founding investor in Napster doing a photo shoot at the Blockchain Embassy wearing some Ethereum gear.

Back in the day, 5 or 6 years ago when the first Bitcoin pioneers like Ira Miller and Erik Voorhees moved here who would have known that the seed they planted would turn into a thriving blockchain hub. Erik has long since gone but Ira kept the community thriving. Now Jorge Farias is continuing the growth with the Spanish speaking community.

The Decent.Bet ICO Launch in Panama.

We now have a huge ICO launch on September 23rd with Decent.Bet when over 20 more people are flying down to join the team that is already here to launch the online gambling platform.

Panama, Bitcoin and Blockchain, all of My Interests in One Place.

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Bitcoin is already in Panama and the world's first embassy blockchain, this indicates that the world is progressing. Thank you @hilarski


I agree,it is one of first embassy


It isn't the first but it is one of the first.


Great, it's even better if there are a lot of them :)

You are living with the best folks who are very enthusiastic about bitcoin and crypto currencies. I love the way things are taking place in Panama.

:DD Keep sharing the crypto word!!

Very good news for all the crpto traders, that not only in panama but also of the world that block chain embacy has been established. You are so powerful and genius friend please keep your good job up so that we can also learn more from your job. Wish you good luck and happiness, by the way how are you bitcoin price is little bit up isn't it friend.

Nice information Steemit and Bitcoin. Thanks for sharing.

oh hell yeah. expansion at its finest. they need crypto down there and everywhere. i really hope Venezuela gets something like this too. money for the people, by the people


They already have, that is where Jorge Farias came from. He is the founder of CryptoBuyer the largest Bitcoin exchange in Venezuela.

Good knowledge about Panama Bitcoin Community and nice to share on steemit. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :)


Thank you !

fantastic news @hilarski, this surely is a great development and it surely strengthened the blockchain even more, thanks for sharing

Congratulations to all the Bitcoin Community of Panama for the recognition to and best luck to Decent.Bet ICO.


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Are you from Panama , right?
btw good job, spread the word and let people know bitcoin ;)


I am a resident of Panama. Bitcoin is rocking here.


Happy to know! hope also in Italy people will know and love bitcoin!


Yes, bitcoin are rocking...

Sounds interesting,thank you for sharing

Fantastic news, Explaining about it. bitcoin, thanks for very good sharing

Excellent @hilarski..😊🤗

Thanks for the sharing great crypto news about Panama Blockchain.. I'm new platform seeker and really helpful for me..👌
I'm very new to your community and going to be a part of it.. So, Followed and upvoted you..😊👍 Cheers..🍻

great job

amigo #resteemia at your service

'a huge ICO launch on September 23rd with Decent.Bet' good news & i'm ready for it. nice info @hilarski

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

It seems like Panama has a powerful Crypto community! Wow that's a great news and can you please tell me how could you build such kind of powerful crypto community there? Coz, I could see huge uptrend on crypto technologies in my country too. If we can build something like Panama did, sometimes it might be a worth investment for the entire country!
(I am from Sri Lanka)
ICO news! Yes I will be there! It seems like an interesting project!
Thank you very much for sharing such great experience with us!


Hopefully, initiatives like this continue to grow and expand to other countries. Congratulations on your great work. ;)

Thank you for explaining about it. bitcoin, thanks for sharing

Wow amazing. Panama is great. hopefully continue to grow and become an example for us. thank you for sharing the information @hilarski.

good news for bitcoins, thank you very much for sharing.


sir i agree with you,very good news for bitcoins

Bunch of Allstars :)


We are trying Brotha!!

Wow man it's an amazing I really don't know about it Panama is Hub of blockchain technology.
Thanks for sharing with us @hilarski!

excellent idea to be united with the empower of bitcoin@hilarski.

amazing panama nice


Really amazing panama

@hilarski - oh my goodness this is a big news Sir. 'Bitcoin Embassy in Panama' an interesting work & hope my country will do the same Sir. DECENT.BET we are in there Sir.


This will definitely make Panama Blockchain Embassy very famous.

that really a great news. thanks for sharing @hilarski

Any details been released on this launch yet @hilaski? I'm still interested in coming to it.

wow, nice to hear about it my friend. always pleasure to see this kind of crypto community . and glad to have it from panama. cheers for the team my friend

Awesome article @hilarski panama becomes more crypto and that's great

It is nice to see the room full wanting to learn more of cryptocurrencies.

great post..thanks for sharing these facts with us :)

Wow, this is the first of its kind. Another milestone for Bitcoin's growth.

Excellent work.

awesome hard work pays off :) absolute great

That's a great news for all. Can we hope that our country also get this opportunity in future @hilarski ????.......
Really thanks for sharing.............


Thanks for sharing:) Panama is on my list of places to visit:) I am new to Steemit and learning all I can about Crypto currencies :) I followed you and upvoted as well:)

Nice congrats to Panama, that's major news considering what Bitcoin's value will be in the future! From @extramoney

That is frist embassy of bitcoin. Thanks for share.

good news for bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the future thank you so much for supporting and promoting bitcoin and blockchain technology

Your publications are really wonderful
I am following you
He continued

Good knowledge about Panama Bitcoin Community and nice to share on steemit.