3 Possible Outcomes For Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

There are three major outcomes that could happen for bitcoin, in my view. We do not know which one will happen, but we can at least think about the possibilities.

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Only time will tell what happens to bitcoin but I don't see it ever going to zero. The next few years are going to be interesting :)

3 possibilities, 1) you're crazy i am not, 2) i am crazy you're not, OR 3) we are both somewhere in the middle.

how is video useful? it states the most obvious extremes and status quo.


Lol. I like that response. I need to follow you to see more of your content.

I was thinking there might be something between two and three in your scenarios, not necessarily an either/or, but possibly bitcoin becomes assimilated/regulated or dollar/bitcoin feed off each other, each growing but neither predominating as in scenario one and two.


Yea its really a spectrum between the two extremes, anything is possible

really Excellent post thanks for sharing......