BREAKING: Cryptos Crash because of Goldman Sachs - LMAO

in bitcoin •  2 months ago


Over the past few weeks we have seen some somewhat grinding promising action in crypto-land that has shown some promise that a possible bottom may be near in this secular bull marker/global movement in the crypto world. we have seen some nice 10-30% pops off the lows in some coins with some solid patterns. Then we wake up this morning with a nice swift kick in the nuts by none other than Goldman Sachs.

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Goldman Sachs has announced that they are going to suspend their crypto trading desk plans (LMAO) and this is what is causing the sell off. Let me tell you right now THIS IS A CROCK OF CRAP!

For many that are new into the game, this is what you call PLANNED. This news is none other than a reason to bring the price in and create some more buying opportunity for the big boys that are loading up. You see this time and time again in all markets. When the big boys want in they need a reason to get a better price. I have a feeling we are about to start seeing BAD NEWS being NO NEWS and GOOD NEWS be GREAT NEWS.


Watching what happens here intently

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Excellent point, and thanks for pointing out that headline news is almost never something to take at face value (especially when it involves things of value like crypto). Here's to laughing at all the naysayers once all the GOOD GREAT news starts to happen again! 😊

Support levels held in the $6,800-$6,900 range pretty nicely there but who knows for how long :-X! I bought just in case we pop back up above the $7K zone!


6900 is the 100 MA, if it loses that I expect another test of the lows ish at least

Most people need simple narratives to explain the chaos of the market and scapegoating is usually the simplest way to achieve that...


Yep. There is a "story" around every price movement

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Interesting, lets see what happens!


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amen!!! youre right in it and thank you for sharing this, they do this crap every single time. smdh


lmaoooooooooo aaaoooooooooo

The reason that crypto crashed is because I got on a long haul flight! Every time this year (including the big one at the start of the year), if I get in a plane crypto goes down... The further I fly, the bigger the drop!


You should start traveling underground, it won't detect your travels.... ;)


Ha ha, if I go underground maybe the price will shoot up!

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I'm powering up all the way I can, didn't take a single profit on Steemit yet! Great analysis @heyimsnuffles