bitcoin daily 7. dec 2 which are one

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Because the last progressing blue trend section was valid but unusually short, the next blue progressing trend section, which is currently forming, will be short as well.
These 2 alltogether will be a long, overripe, blue trend section in the end, when the price hits about 20.000 $. The compounded trend section i marked with pink waves 12345.

There is a consequence because of this. A black wave 1 will complete within the next 2 weeks, bringing a regression from estimated 16.000 $ down to 12.000 $.
The end of black wave 1 will be in the middle of the 2 compounded blue waves. It will be the end of a pink wave 3
And then the price will move on, jumping to 20.000 $ in the following 2 weeks.
That is how i estimate it currently.


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