An Application for the Surfer Community!

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Surfing is a globally popular sport but it gets limited attention.

Sports activities have built a parallel industry that caters to billions of people. However, most of the focus that businesses place is on a small number of sports. Consequently, the millions of people that are enthusiastic about sports that attract limited investment remain underserved.

One of the most prominent examples of this problem is witnessed by the surfing community.

Surfing is a sport that has been popularized for its brilliant yet distinct culture. It is a sport that attracts the participation of over 60 million people, but in the sports industry, this figure is considered small because businesses feel there are better opportunities. They tend to place efforts on ventures that target more popular sports like soccer and basketball.

Empowering the Surfing Community

At present, the participants of most sports rely on a handful of investors to construct and handle the industrial aspects of the sport. A new blockchain-powered project intends to change this as it adopts the blockchain movement's socio-economic goal to leverage distributed efforts to build functioning economies in which power is not centralized.

LipChain is a blockchain-powered application that aims to give the surfing community a dedicated ecosystem in which the community controls the direction of surfing. LipChain provides a social media application cored around surfing; the unique part is that the ad revenue the application generates will be distributed among the content creators.

As the surfing community collectively has a strong buying power, LipChain leverages this aggregate value to loop in advertisers. The key here is that LipChain fills an important void: currently there isn't a strong existing channel to build a targetted reach to the surfing community.

The ability to funnel advertisers towards the surfing community allows the surf economy to cycle revenue internally. LipChain allows surfers to create surfing-related content which other sports fans can enjoy. This content will be sponsored by advertisers and will allow LipChain's surfer audience to proliferate. As surfers gather an audience for their content, they will have the opportunity to finance their skill growth through training, better equipment, and miscellaneous needs. This results in a multi-ended benefit.

A source of revenue for young surfers will allow the competitive spirit of this community to grow, it will enable better talent to pursue their surfing ambitions, and it will motivate the casual surfers to participate in the sport more competitively.

LipChain is making it possible for the surfing community to dictate its collective value. The network effect is the key to attracting sponsors; the community achieves this together. LipChain allows the surfing community to themselves attract greater revenue to their sport and thereby create the opportunity for the younger talent to pursue this sport without fear of the training expenses; new surfers will have the means to build an income directly from their interest in the sport.

This is a testament to the value of a well-exerted network effect. While most people independently do not have the ability to carve a better future for the sport they are passionate about, the community, together, does have the ability to do so. Blockchain technology, through enabling secure, trustless, and quick value-added interactions, makes it easier than ever to leverage the network effect.

LipChain stands at the forefront of utilizing the blockchain to build an ecosystem that leverages a community's combined buying power to demonstrate a network effect that can improve the nature of the sport itself.

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Another currency for another sports? Incredible!


Yep, but this one is targetting a community that is usually out of focus, despite the fact that surfing attracts 60M+ participants.


Yea, you are right. It is always out of focus. Perhaps this initiative would help solve the problem.


It should have at least some impact :)

your post is always not only a post this is a lesson which can teach all of us. this one also great discrition great job


I try my best to provide some value to the audience; that's the least I can do given that they give me their valuable time.

i m getting more exited now which field getting connected with blockchain day by day


Innovation is the lifeblood of this market.

Another great post, just I love surfing. Thanks a lot for your article.


It's definitely an awesome sport :)

Many beautiful posts.Your posts are a lot of learning topics. that is my favorite


Thank you!

What is the LipChain application.?,sir plese tell me


Read the article...


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