SCAM ALERT--Teeka Tiwari $1,000,000 Bitcoin Giveaway Online Cryptocurrency Training Webinar--SCAM ALERT

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How could I loose?

So............... I got solicited for a crypto currency webinar thru my email. It was from a site that I use quite a bit for stock trading to learn charts and how to watch stocks. That info has been incredibly helpful even in the crypto space.

And I had a few hours to kill at my kids football practice so I figured What The Hell. Also there was this giveaway of


in Bitcoin that they were giving away. What do I have to lose?

I have been active in the crypto space for right at a year but hey I'm not above learning something new.......right.....


So its all real slick. This dude starts harping on how much he and his subscribers to his Palm Beach Scam Group are making in crypto and how you to can make 5000% returns on hundred dollar investments in crypto. All you gotta do is subscribe and follow their picks. They talked about STEEM and Bitcoin and Ethereum and a few other alts.....

Then there are the backup salesmen. Including Charlie Shrem and the CEO of JAXX wallet Anthony Di Lorio. Both have segments on how great crypto is and how its gonna change the world. And how this guy Teeka knows his stuff.

They have this 4 part program called BITS that they use to value coins. (which turns out all the info you can get from

OK I think. Maybe this is legit.


After 60 minutes of BS they get to their insider trading tip on the "HOT NEW UNDERVALUED CRYPTO"


WOW........some groundbreaking stuff there guys......


after harping on about how they discovered this coin (Ripple) and its so undervalued and how its gonna make people millionaires..........they get to the main sales pitch....... and possibly the "free" bitcoin.

FREE Bitcoin?

You get a "gift card"? Worth $200 of Bitcoin if you order their program. (dunno how bitcoin gift cards work)

For the LOW LOW price of just $2500 USD

*Regularly $3000 USD but you get a year free.

What a deal! Pay now with your credit card! Operators are standing by!

So for $2500 dollars for a two year subscription you get a newsletter telling you what coins to buy. And possibly $200 dollars in bitcoin to get your "crypto portfolio" started.

Good grief. I hope nobody really sent them any money. It all seemed geared toward the Florida Retiree Crowd, if you know what I mean.

Why I'm Calling Them Out

Not because I think the STEEMIT community could be SCAMMED buy such idiotic hijinks. But because we all know someone who is interested in crypto that might not be as technical. Who sees the value in crypto but could easily be vulnerable to exploits like this.

We are ambassadors of this new technology.

And we have a duty to educate the rest of the world about crypto and blockchain both the good and the bad.

Now go forth and preach Brothers and Sisters of the Blockchain.

Peace, HM


Saw it in FB feed yesterday, and knew it was too good to be true

I'm still getting emails. "Last Chance!" "Don't Miss Out!"

Is he a scam? These are the coins he has chose in the past Factom, Nexus, Quark, Namecoin, Ripple. they all did really well for about a day you. Are you getting the point? It's a PUMP and DUMP

Here are , my 2 cents... I've been in Teeka's P B Letter For almost 1 Year, & aside from that I've followed & watched hundreds of YT videos about Crypto...
No one comes close to Teeka...
You need to be in his program to understand how deep he goes to explain each and every project he tells you to invest on...
Truly Mr. Twary is worth every cent of the $2500 I paid.

Hmmm... you're spreading fake info and fud, as long that you didn't invest yourself in Palm beach and Teeka, or didn't look into there documents which they're offering, i think you better shut up!!! I didn't invest as well because i was also sceptic about it and to invest $2500 was a way above my had that time. I've recieved positive recomondations from professional trading/analyse company her in Belgium, and all where positive about Teeka, they deliver solid info!! I follow a professional trader/investor and he as well recomanded the Teeka document.

A friend is sharing his palm beach info and i can tell you with certanty, that this is far away from scam!!! This is a bullit proof investment with top coininfo and high rewards... Documents are shared in a facebook group i'm in. In the group we have already quality investors and analysts on board, even these people take the info from Teeka very serious... so i think in stead of screeming scam from the roof tops, i think that you should learn rule n° 1 in crypto DYOH (Do your own homework) ;) ok the $2500 - $3000 is way to much money but Teeka's info stays top of the bill, and i can find my own top coins but still ,this info is worth gold!!!
Sorry to disapoint you dude ;)

You just proved my point. You got the same info FOR FREE that these asshats what to charge $3000 for! That’s a scam, dude.

Sorry; that is circular reasoning. You appear to be envious of someone charging a lot of money for services. So, if you were charged with a serious crime, then according to you, you would be handling the case yourself as no way are you doling out money to scam-artist attorneys.

Tell you what. You send me $2500 USD and I'll send you a gift card with $200 worth of bitcoin on it and a link the the ripple whitepaper.

I bet their next big tip is to buy BitconnectX

You dodged the points. You have made numerous erroneous assumptions, based on knowing only a fraction of the whole picture. The folks, who laud Teeka, are millionaires and have advanced their portfolios by hundreds of thousands of dollars by adhering to his advice.

One can receive free information from many sources, including the U.S. government. However, few know where to look or what the knowledge may mean to them once they have it.

Now why would I send you money when you have NO TRACK RECORD? Your very solicitation is scam according to your definition.

Already rich guys making more money off of a scam program marketed to newbs in the cryptospace does not prove this program is legit. What a great way to start investing $2500 in the hole said no one ever!

If you can't see this for a scam, fine. Put your money where ever you want. But don't disparage me for calling out trash like this to people who might not know better. Better yet you could mind your own business.

People who give away his picks are the scammers and thieves.

I didn't take anybody's money.

Precisely right. Teeka's a great guy, I've been signed up since late November and he knows his stuff and works his ass off. You can invest in what the random internet says, and get lucky, or spend some money to let someone who really knows the space do the research and avoid the duds. Teeka recommended Neo (AntShares at the time) at 12 cents. Scores of people have been made millionaires. And yeah, I got my free Bitcoin, which even after this crash is still worth more than it was then. I'm more than glad I signed up.

I'm also from Belgium, who did recommend you to palm beach confidential letter?

What a crock of shit. Funny part is, there are a ton of ppl who are gonna actually pay for that shit. The same type of ppl who think they are getting a free meal at the casino. Sorry dude!

Hey last time I was in a casino I drank for free for a few hours and walked away with $300. My wife @nursejamie (who doesn't gamble) asked why I didn't do that more often? I had to explain that most times you walk out of the casino lighter than you came in. And its really hard to quit while you're ahead. LOL

Exactly! 😀

Don't gamble the odds are always against you.

Well to balance out I am a satisfied buyer of the program. Have already earned more than I spent on it by following their advice. Not easy to find the 5000% projects out there, but there are a couple of them. Teeka and crew might target the "oldies", however remember older people have strong buying power. And if they follow Teeka, so will I.

hello sir its been three years now, how is the 5000% investment pulling through.. is it actually life changing

This is ok but I think the real question is will dogecoin explode!!

In the recent Dash fiasco, Teeka turns out to be just another scam artist even for those who subscribed. I have tons of paying friends bag holding Dash because of him now. If you paid the $3k fee, you'd still probably enter AFTER Teeka's insiders have pre-pumped the coin. So the only options are: 1. Do you own homework, and choose a solid coin when it's not pumped. 2. Buy Teeka's picks after the dump 3. PnD Teeka's picks. It's better to follow speculation on his picks then wait for the actual pick, just dump on the news.

Or you could just completely ignore him and his scammy ways. Its bad for crypto as a whole. Gonna burn a lot of people and they will get a bad taste from crypto and it will be harder to win them back later.

I saw this as well, so I looked into getting more information. Then it started to send me automatic Facebook Messenger messages, and then it really started to feel scammy. I am glad i'm not the only one who felt this way.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah I should have known it was a waste of time. But hopefully some people will read this blog and at least think twice about shit like this in the future.

I agree about the fact that we have a responsibility to bring forward any potential scam
Thank you for your post.
I have similar posts about other such douche bags . Lol.

It seems there are more and more douchebags in the crypto space everyday.

Thanks for the comment and upvotes homie.

You got a new follow.

Thanks for info friend.. Vote 4u

Thanks kaleem! Appreciate it.

Welcome my friend

Early this month (November) I sat through his 2 hour infomercial but something didn't seem legit about it, so I declined his generous offer. Since then I have received SEVENTY FIVE emails from him and his Palm Beach Confidential warning me that I was about to miss out on the chance of a lifetime since they weren't accepting new members until maybe the middle of next year. I sure hope I don't hear from him again with a "last, last chance" to get in. I mean, 75 emails in 2 weeks is even more than I got from my buddy the Nigerian Prince!

I finally unsubscribed from the emails. They were relentless. But if that Nigerian sends you some scratch send a little my way!

Just wrote a post about them trying to explain what they do mostly .. Pump and dump coins to profit their whales
I don't like it neither lol !

Yes you are right check here, some one cheated on him :P

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And what ever happened with Ripple? Oh, that's right, it was massively undervalued and became the highest gaining crypto in 2017:

The vast majority of this gain came just weeks after Teeka mentioned this. Ripple has been part of their portfolio long before this sales pitch, btw.

Who's laughing now, asshole?

Did you need to spend $3000 with these asshats to find out about Ripple? Nope. It was on the coinmarketcap long before these idiots pumped it. My issue is with them charging people for free information. But keep defending the scammers............asshole.

You could have been a millionaire instead of complaining.

Ive made plenty of $$ on crypto thanks. But I dont need to sell free information to do it.

I was going to go to this, but I just helped out this lady who emailed me from Nigeria. She needed a good person like me to help her out and in return she's going to send me a boatload of money. I'm just waiting on her check...

I signed up with Palm Beach and I'm glad I did. No regrets. People with lots of crypto experience like you don't need it. People who know how to find free crypto advice on steemit and youtube don't need it. But I needed it.

I was a complete newbie. I had never bought a single cryoto. I didn't know about exchanges, wallets, ripple, coinmarketcap or anything. I didn't even know about steemit! (I learned about steemit from Teeka who recommended buying steem power.)

I signed up for a $300 60-day refundable trial run last July 2017. Yes, the online subscription program tried to upgrade me to a $2000 Lifetime membership, but I refused.

I watched all the Palm Beach videos that explained how to do everything step by step for dummies like me. I followed Teeka's crypto recommendations. In less than 60 days my portfolio increased over $2000! Nonetheless, I cancelled my trial subscription and got a refund within 24 hours. Then I reconsidered. I decided to use the $2000 profits I made in the trial run to subscribe to the Lifetime membership. I'm glad I did.

Since last August my original investment has increased almost 4x's (right before Christmas when BTC hit $20,000) to now, when it's only double (Jan. 17, 2017).

It was right for me because I was so woefully ignorant, insecure and didn't know where to find the info I needed. No, it probably wouldn't be all that helpful for someone with one year experience crypto trading.

it's a helpfull document for everybody, even for somebody with years of experience, i follow a professional stock market trader, who's invested in traditional stocks, fysical gold, silver and since a year in crypto, he was so positive about palm beach that he recomended his folowers to sign in... I didn't because it was to much money at the moment, i didn't have free funds, i was fully invested. A friend did bought in and he's sharing his document in a fb group i'm in...and all of them are taking this info very serious!!!

would love to join your fb group @rigo for pb confidental updates :D

Teeka comes highly recommended by some top Crypto-marketers, who also invest. They swear by him. Looking at the portfolios, it is easy to understand why. A lot of marketing is done with razz-ma-tazz because people are so negative and cannot make decisions.

I charge a lot of money for my applied psychology mentoring. Yet, I produce results. So does Teeka.

It's funny because as I was signing up I knew I was going to waste and hour or more. You too! Admit it! haha

Followed because......beards.......

Yup. "If its too good to be true it probably is." LOL

You really can't say this is a scam if you didn't sign up and read his full report. Follow his picks and lose all your capital. He gave you a free pick an on free Webinar (XRP). I agree it's way overpriced for the info that someone can easily find on their own. People are lazy or don't have the time to do the research on their own but nothing you stated proves it's a scam. I too watched the free webinar and didn't sign-up because it was info that I already know. He never once promoted Bitconnect or an MLM ICO scam coin, in fact, he did the opposite. So to recap; you are screaming "FIRE" at a movie theater because the coke was overpriced. Your review is your opinion which you are entitled too but you can't make false claims because you don't agree with the price.

Wrong! They offered a promo of “free bitcoin” $250 worth just for watching the webinar. Turns out you have to buy the $2500 dollar program to get the “free bitcoin”. That is a scam.

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