SAFEX = SAFE BOX of WEALTH!! Here are the reasons why per my Analysis!!

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Why am I hearing so much teeth grinding and painful howls from SafeX owners? Cheer UP!

Below shows how the recent rise and fall can be put into perspective. Simply put, Elliott Waves states that after five impulse waves, there is a requisite correction. The below shows a deep correction. However, if you were proficient to count your subwaves, you could and will be able to take profits and avoid these painful retracements. So, review my tutorials and practice! The a,b,c correction could now be done! The bull flag is one pattern indication that gives confidence to this probability. Therefore, my forecast shows another impulse starting as shown by the white waves. Target is $0.0463 or MUCH HIGHER!

The Safex/BTC pair is showing off a very large, wide Cup & Handle. People, this is EXTREMELY BULLISH! The handle is complete and the impulse only need to mature. Target of 0.00000867 stands solid!

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
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These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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이 코인은 모르고 있던 코인인데..
혜진님 덕분에 찾아보도록 하겠습니다.
언제나 좋은 정보 주심에 감사합니다~

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Laddering in!!

When bitshsares got "bittrexed" it provided an amazing buying opportunity so why not now. Thanks Haejin!

Completely different WORKING product with a strong team, vision, and forward thinking. SAFEX no blockchain, no white paper(no vision for those who want to invest). Maybe this kick in the a## from Bittrex gets them off their a##es and we see something in the future. Don't invest blindly into SAFEX. I've bought crap and made profits fully knowing I was holding the crap for a few weeks, but you need to know what your holding.

You know full well most of the top 100 coins have no working product. Furthermore there's a wealth of information out there about SAFEX. This coin will reward those who were diligent enough to do their own research and get in early. The use case is clear.

safex market on bittrex:

BITTREX SAYS: This market is being delisted on December 15th, 2017.

Haejin has said that news and events will fulfill the Elliott Waves movements. So, the de-listing caused the latest huge dip, and something else will cause the steep run-up that's due. So the Waves are relevant, the news of the de-listing is noise.

I like your perspective. I would just say that the de-listing itself didn't cause anything, but maybe the human sentiment was fearful about it being de-listed. Either way sentiment made it's manifestation through the charts.
"Something else will cause the steep run-up that's due" - I say it will be human sentiment again. News will always justify news and events.

I messages some friends in mid October to say the cup was going to be formed based on TA, following the roadmap and regular updates from Dan and the Safex team.

One bought in, the other didn't......I bought in a good chunk and it's probably the first time I've listened to my own advice and been happy about it :)

This has never been in my portfolio but I will look into it now.

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Don't do it- it's a shit coin. I lost a lot of money on Safex. Recent rise was wholly due to a whirlwind promo tour by Dan Dabek, founder. He's in Belgrade, refuses to hire any tech person not from Serbia, and completely botched the wallet rollout last summer. It might eventually be useful as a Balkan token of trade, but that's it. Positive remarks are by Safex diehards hoping for a breakout. This one is destined for a long, very slow, painful death. Good riddance.

and the FUD of the year award goes to..... :)

You lost money? You mean you think you are some kind trader, but you got scared and sold low like a dumbshit. So trash talk Safex all you like and when you make more stupid trades, make sure to trash talk them too. You'll go far.

Thanks for making me smile well said

i've seen similar trash talks from people who bought eos at a highs. people need to forgive their coins.

Thank you Haejin, you are genial :-) and after the 15th where safex will be listed, do you know ? ormi Cryptopia ?

What about RCN (Ripio) mate?

SAFEX is a great project and Haejin charts are forecasting the news/updates to be released next days/weeks.
It just went down because bittrex delisted....but it go up with much more strenght!

Thanks Haejin!

Safex doesn't have a working blockchain at the moment and have not published a white paper. It is a good idea but very slow in the making.

SAFEX whitepaper is going to be published in the upcoming weeks, I like this project very much, and believe it will be a dark horse along with Verge and BTS. What concerns me is there is no reputable exchange is currently hosting SAFEX, hopefully it will get sort through soon (Wave1)

exactly my concern also they need a reputable exchange. I think it's a dark horse but it's expensive to move safex as it uses bitcoin blockchain at the moment. Whitepaper has been some sort of super secret and the project has been mishandled to this point. If they can get listed again somewhere such as binance and produce a white paper. I'll consider buying safex again, but at the moment it's hands off for me. The potential short and midterm profit is not worth the agony. They were delisted by bittrex for good reason.

Had to register just to thank you for your posts! Planning to learn to do some analysis by myself too. If you have time, could you check what is up with IOTA now that it seems to have somewhat stabilized? I'm seeing a triangle forming..

Many thanks! Can you please take another look at NXS?

Whoa, I never would have looked at this one! Thanks Haejin again.

Any thoughts on Ethereum Classic? ETC

The Safex team led by Dan Dabek is small but ramping up. They are a building a new Silk Road type of market that will be bulletproof to the lawman and anyone who owns shares, keeps them in the wallet, will get a percentage of all sales fees. Bittrex didn't give a reason for the delisting but it's likely that they view this as a security.

It's likely they view it not have a white paper, and not having a working blockchain. Their is no excuse for Dan and his team to be in this position at the moment. It's been a mess since the wallet issues in August which still has bugs. Haejin may very well be right on this coin, but changes need to happen at SAFEX for this market to go forward. Do your research when investing. Use stop losses and Haejin is brilliant. I can't thank him enough for what I've learned.

And there are changes underway, which Daniel updates the community on constantly, and he answers questions and concerns constantly. Please see the Dec. 13 Safex update.

Totally agree..this is definately a dark horse...getting a percentage of the sales is a massive opportunity...this is like investing in something like Amazon and receiving fees from their's really a good idea..but the question is,can they pull it off..just like Mike N said on CNBC today..this technology and these idea are 2 to 3 years away..we are just speculating on their ability to get it done..but with speculation comes sentiment

I just stopped myself from selling xrp too soon b/c I recognised the cup and handle bull flag! beams I’m learning!

SAFEX is the majority of my holdings. I ran numbers for weeks before I chose it - knowing it had technical problems and that it would be delisted from most exchanges. But I have, to my knowledge, never lost money on an investment. But take this with a grain if salt.

Bittrex is delisting it in a few days

Think you so much

It's being delisted from Bittrex. How is that bullish?

If they can get a listing on a reasonable volume exchange it's probably go time. It's cheap as chips right now.

so cheap now I think I'll be checking their forum twice daily to see if they get themselves listed somewhere.

Look at what happened to Bitshares...same thing but the waves worked out..i know it's weird..but all the good buys are when everyone thinks it's a gonner...I've got kind of a crazy idea, but I think Dan is talking to some DEX's maybe perhaps Bitshares...since he is designing a decentralized marketplace, it would be a good fit...and he can avoid dealing with these idiots...haven't read anything on this..just my own observation

Delisting is on 12/15/2017 no exchanges how can It hit the target(Cryptopia left)

Hi Haejin, newbie here. This is officialy my first post and/or response.
I am currently following you officially on steemit. I would like to thank you for your selfless work in analyzing the charts. I have been a trader for almost 10 years, and officially have made the transition to Crypto, whilst, I realise there is a huge learning curve ahead for me, with regards to the terminology etc, I'm equally excited with the potentiality that Cryptos have to offer. I understand technical analysis and the basics of Elliot Wave . I have read a few books, one that comes to mind is Robert Balan. Thank you once again for all that you do.