AdEX (ADX): Keep a CLOSE eye on AdEX! Price SURGE could be IMMINENT!!

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Take a look at the below charts of ADX/USD and ADX/BTC. First, ADX/USD is a bit ahead of the ADX/BTC pair with regards to breaking out. In fact, it probably completed the blue waves 1 and 2 and so the next wave is 3 UP! So, a close eye on this could show a price SURGE many don't expect.

The ADX/BTC pair's symmetrical triangle shows price almost at the terminal end of the apex point. The Apex is the point at which the two lines of the triangle intersect. The closer price gets to the Apex, the more the pent up need for price to escape the encompassment of the triangle. A breakout on this pair is imminent!

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hello Haejin!
you are an unstoppable charting machine!Thank you so much for your analyses. I Love to read your posts and learn from your videos and essays. Especially the last one
Im Having a nice practice in loosing these days :D

I would like to ask, if you could please make an update on EOS / BTC and USD situation? I Would be greatful to see your opinion on how things changed since the last time.
Regards Vashek

Good one here. Might throw some satochis in for the ride, so spread.